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ESF – Workable work, sustainable career policy

How do we put the (future) employee more in the driver's seat?

Empowerment of the employee journey

In our project Empowerment of the employee journey We want to increase the involvement of our new colleagues even before the start. By focusing on the onboarding process and by detecting and filling in the pitfalls there, we are going for a good start for our new employee.

Throughout the career of our employees, we further support the development of mental and physical resilience. each employee must be given his or her own place with the right support and an eye for his or her development tailored to the needs of the individual during his or her employment with us.
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ESF contribution: €32,000
Contribution from VCF: €48,000

Content focus points on which we as a company are further committed:

Recruitment, selection & onboarding

New employees are often completely "foreign to the organisation" due to the long start-up period of silence between contract signing and effective start-up. We want to break through this by working out a (pre-)onboarding trajectory completely.

Increase the connection between employee and company culture during this period and inform him or her better.

Faster and higher involvement between employee and VanRoey.be.


New employees get a bit "lost" in the abundance of information and figuring out during the first few months.

To give the employee a smooth and pleasant effect on the job.

Employees get a picture of the core of their job and experience a quick impact.

Career policy

Increasing the mental health of employees by focusing on agility and resilience. The physical health of employees can be increased by focusing on the modern workplace.

In this "VUCA" world, where employees have a lot on their plate, we help them find the balance and relieve them on the work floor.

Because employees find their balance better, they perform better, absenteeism is lower and they are happier on the shop floor.

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