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Internet line & IP VPN

perfect connection for your company

We want you to focus on your core business, to keep innovating and growing by digitizing your processes as much as possible. A perfect internet connection is a prerequisite for working unhindered and fast.

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Telenet IP VPN

Avoid frustrations & prevent downtime. Organisations with multiple locations often surf through a tunnel via their HQ. Complaints about surfing speed, interrupted Skype calls or loss of Remote Desktop or Citrix connections are not abnormal.

Telenet IP-VPN houses several branches in one Virtual Private Network.

The traffic that needs access to the company network is separated from surfing traffic. This way you win in terms of cost efficiency, reliability, speed and flexibility.

There are 3 options:


Depending on the connection options (fibre optic, coaxial or VDSL), the optimal access technology is chosen.

Enjoy speeds up to 750 Mbps downstream and 75 Mbps upstream (via coax).

Data over the network or not?

When a user wants to watch a YouTube video, this data does not have to pass through the server.This type of traffic goes via a separate, cheaper internet line.

This will reduce the load on your serverand an intelligent system determines whether traffic can go direct or not.

Priority of data

Together with you we determine which applications & data is a priority within your company.

Through Quality of Service (QoS), Telenet guarantees priority over less important data.

e.g. Citrix or VoIP application are given priority over backups to the server.

Safest solution

To protect you from hackers, we provide at every location a Fortinet Next-Generation Firewall;

By providing 2 separate data lines (preferably with different carriers), one line is configured as a backup for the other (failover).

Save on your data lines!

By choosing Telenet IP-VPN in combination with a classic internet line, you will probably end up much cheaper than the sum of your current data lines.

If you would like to know more, our experts are here to inform you!

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