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Wireless As A Service

Simplified management of all your Ruckus AccessPoints and Switches in our cloud portal

Is your (wireless) network in need of renewal? No time or resources to manage the network? With ‘WaaS’:

 Managing your (wireless) network becomes very easy
Save and optimise, even within multiple locations or co-location
You'll gain better insights on how your network is used
We can (optionally) manage your network with uptime warranties

No extra

We have invested in a very powerful wireless controller that can host up to 30,000 Ruckus AccessPoints or switches, so you can save on a controller yourself.

1 Management

Many AccessPoints and switches to manage? No problem, the system is very visual and you can easily zoom in, get insights and make changes.

We manage

Optionally, we can provide availability warranties with an SLA. For example, we manage all the shops of Schoenen Torfs, the network of Group De Wolf...the Lyceum in Ghent...

Network as a service at very competitive prices

VanRoey.be is (maximum!) Ruckus/commscope Elite partner. So we can't just offer unrivalled expertise but also - thanks to a framework agreement with Ruckus- rock-solid prices. By embedding the management of your network in a VanRoey-hosted cloud model, you'll be able to manage and monitor your network from anywhere in the world. 

Additional services and information

FAQ / Frequently asked questions

Yes, it is also possible to choose your own controller (private cloud).
To guarantee you the best prices, we use a minimum period of 5 years. After 5 years, the contract is not automatically renewed, but you will no longer have access to the cloud platform.
No. The uptime of our cloud controller is almost 100% thanks to redundancy. However, if the connection isn't established (theoretically), this has no influence on your network. The only thing that wouldn't be possible at this time is to consult the portal or to make changes.
No. For the time being we only move new or existing Ruckus networks to our cloud model.
Our Ruckus Elite Partnership requires that we always have a stock of various network equipment (switches + AccessPoints) so if you need to replace switches or AP's, want to build a new network or expand it, things can go fast. Our experts can also support you in case of problems outside office hours.

Our highly certified experts will be happy to help you to take a closer look at your (wireless) network.

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