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BE-Trans on autopilot

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In December 2015, we presented our Managed Services to Be-Trans, a collection of services designed to remove all ICT headaches. They entered All.

The success story Be-Trans and VanRoey.be takes us back to 2011. Bert Vranckx, owner and manager explains: "Before, we worked with a company that only had one IT specialist to manage our ICT infrastructure, and he came to Belgium from the Netherlands only a few days a month. As soon as we had to deal with urgent problems, the distance from the Netherlands to Belgium became a disruptive factor, and it was high time for a local player who was able to play a quick game to support our growth and to ensure continuity.

Our ERP supplier told us that VanRoey.be was going to expand in Geel. We contacted them, the click was there and in 2012 we joined forces."

All managed

In December 2015, we presented our Managed Services to Be-Trans, a collection of services designed to remove all ICT-related headaches in organisations. From then on, the company went on to All-In:

"We have relied on VanRoey.be for a wide range of services for many years, from advice to monitoring, from purchase to repair... ICT is no longer a concern for us, we know that experts are working on it, and it is impossible for us to do any better ourselves. Even if we were to hire a permanent IT specialist, he or she would not be able to offer as much ready knowledge, experience and availability as a team of certified experts. These white ravens do not exist, and when VanRoey.be proposed to us that we should join them in their Managed Services agreement, the sum was quickly made up for us.

For Be-Trans, managed services means that…

  • VanRoey.be proactively manages the critical infrastructure. Immediate action is taken when a serious incident threatens to occur in order to avoid costly downtime.
  • An engineer on site on a regular basis a structured health check with recommendations for an optimal environment.
  • One service manager zooms in on all the hours worked and provides expert advice to provide ad hoc support as much as possible. avoid.
  • Every 3 years one roadmap is made up: IT supports business objectives and what does it take to do this?
  • In addition, Be-Trans can Every day, 24/7 with 4h response time...are counting on VanRoey.be. "Indeed, even on Christmas Eve we are allowed to bother you (laughs). Look, organisations sometimes don't realise it, but many rely almost 100% on the operation of their ICT. You can't do without it anymore and at Be-Trans that's no different."

"Unfortunately, most companies still see ICT as a 'necessary evil' because it is occasionally shows curesEspecially because it has continued to grow over the years without a concrete strategy. From a certain complexity of the park, you run into limits and problems that you can no longer solve without experts.

Carefree result

"Instead of being a full-time ICT specialist, we now have endless expertise, experience and knowledge of our environment at our disposal... at any time of the day, just one phone number away.

But it goes even further thanks to the extensive monitoring: when a hard disk threatens to malfunction, memory errors, computing power or server temperatures reach critical levels, the VanRoey.be team can see this in real time and - with our approval - takes proactive action. Problems are nipped in the bud and I'd rather pay for a new disk or extra memory than blocking my business for half a day due to an outage. VanRoey.be always informs us about the nature of the problem, the possible consequences and what we are doing best."

About BE-Trans

Bert Vranckx and his wife Astrid are typical Kempen (w)entrepreneurs. What started as a transport company in the late 1990s, grew into an international group with more than 5 companies: the Geelse Be-Trans focuses on national and international container transport, it focuses on 20 and 45 foot containers, high cubes, reefers and chicken containers, while the company continues to grow and invest. Bert and Astrid have recently started their business from their beautiful new building in Geel, on the former Alcatel site: a building of 9,000m² that houses the new Be-office offices. Be-Logistics is the place to be.

“Staying with the shoe maker is all the more true for ICT. The matter is becoming more complex on a daily basis, our dependence is greater than ever and the threats from outside are not the least. With Managed Services from VanRoey.be, we therefore bought peace of mind as well as efficiency.”
Bert Vranckx and Astrid Krieckemans
Managing Director and Teamleader Accounting & Administration Be-Trans and Be-Logistics
Bert Vranx & Astrid Krieckemans Be-trans

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