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EDR: Endpoint Detection and Response

Highly efficient detection, isolation, investigation & recovery from unprecedented attacks

Traditional antivirus solutions will not protect you from unprecedented malware. If you get hit, it is important to act immediately.

XDR can detect suspicious movements at lightning speed. Potentially infected devices are immediately isolated. This stops the spread of unprecedented malware.

Why XDR?

Antivirus solutions & firewalls work on the basis of 'definitions'. Known malware patterns are thus kept out. But new exploits or hacking techniques are found daily. Against these, you are not protected until a patch or new definitions roll out.
XDR analyses real-time the behaviour of EndPoints and Servers and thus identifies:


Malware or hacks using unprecedented exploits are detected

Fileless attacks

There is malware that enters the network without leaving a file behind, impossible to detect without EDR


Suspicious activities on your network or PCs are quickly detected and isolated

Ransom true

Prevent it from nesting in your network for weeks or months to sabotage backups as well

Crypto jacking

EDR detects when device computing power is misused to degrade crypt currency

Detection, prevention, analysis, reporting

XDR maps both the threat and security weaknesses of your network. Intrusion attempts and suspicious activity are reported and successful hacks or malware are immediately potentially kept out.

FortiEDR overview | VanRoey.be

How does XDR work?

There is a real chance that one of the hundreds or even thousands of devices inside and outside your organization will be affected sooner or later.

As with an automatic extinguishing system, the core of the problem is immediately detected, extinguished and the source of the fire is separated from the building.

Trend Micro EDR vs SentinelONE XDR comparison

Depending on the size of your organisation and the working methods used, we can choose the ideal XDR version together. We offer the following XDR solutions:

Trend Micro EDR For Users

Good replacement for classic antivirus

This EDR solution focuses on e-mail and endpoints, as 90% of the malware comes in via e-mail, that's not a bad move. A complete Software as a Service solution that offers you solid extra protection against unprecedented threats.
  • Combines detection, research and intervention
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Protection inside Microsoft 365 and GSuite
  • Built-in Security Analytics
  • One clear platform

SentinelOne XDR + MDR

Super advanced XDR with Artificial Intelligence

Ultra-sophisticated XDR supported by artificial intelligence. For us today, the go-to XDR solution that generates minimal alerts but with near 100% accuracy.
  • Highly accurate detection of unknown malware
  • Detection at Kernel level with machine learning
  • Generates few alerts (Quality > Quantity)
  • Very clear console to monitor threats
  • ................................
  • Also available as a Managed 'MDR' solution where our experts take care of the alerts that surface in your organisation

More info or a demo of Extended Detection and Response?

All our devices today are protected with Managed-XDR from SentinelOne.

Our experts will enthusiastically show you why SentinelOne is so strong and how it works. Feel free to speak to us if you have a Proof Of Concept in your organisation want to test.

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