Overview of our security solutions
Cyber security is vital for every modern organisation.
Do not give hackers a chance, and avoid massive fines.


Overview of our security solutions
Cyber security is vital for every modern organisation.
Do not give hackers a chance, and avoid massive fines.

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Security Strategy

With layered security, we minimise the risk of data theft

Hackers often abuse vulnerabilities in the likes of Spectre & Meltdown. Is all the software and firmware on your servers up to date? Routers, access points, switches, etc.? Have the right ports been closed? Are there any known “Zero-day” exploits that have not yet been closed? etc. Your organisation is a target, and getting in is easier than you could ever imagine.

Work safer!Work safer!

Security Audit

Identify your weaknesses

An audit provides you with insight into the weaknesses of your environment and allows you to set up, manage and adjust a specific policy. Measuring is knowing, and knowing allows you to take corrective actions on time.

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Security Lab

Experience how the most complex cyber security attacks are repelled, live

The Security Lab is a virtual environment that is permanently live and can be visited by appointment. A unique opportunity for a live experience to see how cyber security attacks work and how the most advanced security technologies respond.

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Security Awareness Training

Phish your colleagues and learn from the results

Your security is state of the art. That’s great. But it is only as good as the weakest link, and your end users are the weakest link. When you know who is susceptible to personalized attacks, you can inform them and make them more aware of the risks. And then test them again. Train your colleagues.

Train your colleagues!Train your colleagues!


Prevent fines of up to 4% of your global annual sales by protecting the privacy of your customers and employees

Companies and organisations that process the personal data of European Union citizens must be able to demonstrate that they have already taken all possible technical and organisational measures to protect this data.

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GDPR Quickstart

Take the right steps towards compliance with GDPR and ensure the security of your data today

You can find plenty of information about GDPR, but it is not easy to start working on it yourself and bringing your organisation into line. It requires legal and technological know-how, and especially time, which is often not available.

Let's get to work!Let's get to work!

Working towards a well-thought-out password policy

LastPass Enterprise is a password manager with central management that you can easily deploy in your organisation. Be done with notebooks or Excel files full of confidential login data.

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Close your digital front door today

Censornet SMS-Passcode is a user-friendly solution that requires extra two-factor authentication (MFA/2FA) by SMS when, for example, someone tries to log in from another location.

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