Overview of our security solutions
Cyber-security is vital to any modern organization.
Give hackers no chance and avoid monster fines.


Overview of our security solutions
Cyber security is of vital importance to any modern organization.
Browse our security solutions and avoid hackers and data theft.

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Security strategy

Through layered security, we minimize the risk of data breaches and theft.

Hackers often abuse vulnerabilities such as Spectre and Meltdown. Is all the software and firmware of your servers up to date? Routers, accesspoints, Switches…? Are all necessary ports closed? Are there any ‘Zero-day’ exploits known that are not yet closed?… Your organization is a target, and getting in is often easier than thought.

Werk veiliger!Werk veiliger!

Security Audit

Map your weak points.

An audit gives you insight into the vulnerabilities of your environment and allows you to set up, manage and control a targeted policy. Measuring is knowing, and knowing allows to take right and especially timely actions.

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Security Lab

Experience live how to regain the most complex cyber security attacks

The Security Lab is a virtual environment that is permanently live and can be visited by appointment. A unique opportunity to experience live how cyber security attacks work and how the most advanced security technologies respond adequately.

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Security Awareness Training

Phish your colleagues and learn from the results

Your security is state-of-the-art. Perfect. But it’s only as strong as the weakest link, and that’s often the end user. When you know who is susceptible to personalized attacks, you can inform them and make them more aware of the risks. And then test again…

Train uw collega's!Train uw collega's!

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite (EMS)

Lift your security to a higher level without sacrificing mobility

A collection of management and security tools. It includes intelligent security solutions, allowing employees and external contacts to sign in, collaborate, share and secure documents more easily and securely.

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Exabeam Logo

Prevent data leakage by noticing suspicious behavior of employees

Through analysis of big data, Exabeam learns to know your users and sets up machine learning to identify risks. Dmv. ratings, users with deviant behavior become visible in the portal and potential data leaks are detected and prevented.

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GDPR legislation

Prevent fines up to 4% of your global annual sales by protecting your customers’ and employees’ privacy

Companies and organisations which process personal data from citizens of the European Union must be able to prove that they have already taken the possible technical and organisational measures to protect said data.

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GDPR Quick Start

Continue the right steps towards GDPR and securing your data today

Information about GDPR is plentiful, but it is not easy to get started with it and bring your organization into line. It requires legal and technological know-how and, above all, time, which is often not.

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To a sensible password policy

Last pass Enterprise is a password manager with centralized administration that you can easily roll out in your organization. No more notebooks, post-its or Excel files full of confidential login information.

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Close your digital front door today!

Censornet SMS-pass code is a user-friendly solution that asks for an additional two-factor authentication (MFA) through SMS as soon as they try to log in from another location.

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All-in-one protection for clients and servers

A good anti-virus is essential. Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud offers comprehensive protection. On PC, Mac, mobile devices and servers. Manage everything through one intuitive, cloud-based console.

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Client Security

Guarantee the use and integrity of your laptop

From logging in with biometric data (fingerprint, face recognition) to privacy screens to integrity checks of the BIOS. HP professional devices offer this high-end security!

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Printer Security

Network printers pose enormous threats

Just like a PC, modern office all-in-ones contain storage, memory, network connection, a processor, software … Yet many organizations underestimate the risks and think that printers are spared from hackers. They couldn’t be more wrong…

Ontdek de risico's!Ontdek de risico's!

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