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LAG Trailers extra secure with multi-factor authentication

LAG Trailers, a well-known manufacturer of tankers from Bree, together with EuroSys, opted for an extra security layer with multi-factor authentication. This authentication method ensures that, in addition to a password, you have to complete a second step to gain access to something. "Thanks to AuthPoint from WatchGuard, we now work much more securely and it's user-friendly too," says Ronny Kelchtermans, system administrator at LAG.
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LAG has been working on security for much longer and already had a multi-factor authentication solution, but this software was outdated and very cumbersome. "We needed additional hardware to log in. That hardware authenticator was similar to one of those card readers for logging in at the bank. So we always had to make sure we had that with us. On the upside, this software was also running on a Windows 2008 R2 server, which is now unsupported since 14 January," Ronny Kelchtermans said. "Performing updates or making adjustments to the software ourselves was too complex. We always had to outsource that to our partner. It was high time for another solution."

LAG Trailers Ronny Kelchtermans

WatchGuardONE Platinum Partner For this solution, LAG enlisted the help of EuroSys. "EuroSys renewed our entire IT infrastructure a few years ago, so we already have experience with them. This cooperation runs very smoothly, so we didn't look for other parties. In terms of security, by the way, through them we already have firewalls from WatchGuard. We are very satisfied and their prices are also good," says Ronny Kelchtermans.

Various advantages

Ronny Kelchtermans was immediately convinced by EuroSys' proposal to install WatchGuard's multi-factor authentication solution Authpoint. "As we have been a WatchGuard customer for years, the choice was not difficult. Authpoint also has several advantages. For instance, it is a cloud solution, so we no longer have to worry about updates. WatchGuard takes care of that itself. The programme also has an app for the smartphone, and that app too naturally keeps itself up-to-date. This is much more secure than how we used to work," thinks the system administrator.

"Another big advantage is that Authpoint helps us comply with the GDPR. This extra layer of security is really required to secure our data properly. We now mainly use multi-factor authentication to log in to Citrix and also for the IT department's computers. These computers are separated from the rest and have higher security requirements," Ronny Kelchtermans adds. Authpoint also secures other applications both in the cloud (Office 365, Teamleader...) and on its own server environment.

LAG Trailers Multifactor Authentication A major advance

LAG staff are delighted with the new MFA solution. Ronny Kelchtermans: "They all think it's an improvement, especially in terms of user-friendliness. Now they no longer have to bring extra hardware to log in. Besides their username and password, all they need is their smartphone. And they always have that with them anyway. It is also convenient that there are different methods of logging in. For instance, they can choose push notifications, one-time passwords or QR codes. We find that they use the push notifications the most." These push notifications are much more secure than SMS messages that can be intercepted, so this is another way in which LAG now operates very securely.

For the management of Authpoint too, they at LAG are very satisfied with how the software works. "We can log in anywhere in the world and make adjustments. The console is constantly changing and only getting better. The software also has good reporting. We can easily see who logged in where and when. Authpoint works very straightforwardly, which is nice to work with," Ronny Kelchtermans clarifies.

Moreover, Authpoint also has a solution for unexpected situations where someone cannot log in. Ronny Kelchtermans explains: "Suppose someone has forgotten his smartphone or the battery is dead. Then he can't actually log in. But then we solve that by logging in ourselves and generating a code for that person that he can use temporarily to log in. As soon as he logs in with this code, multi-factor authentication is disabled for a certain period of time. How long this period lasts can be set by us. Usually, after a few hours, they have their smartphone back."

A successful partnership

At LAG, they are not only satisfied from Authpoint, but also the cooperation with EuroSys was successful for them again. "From preparation to installation, the whole process was a success. Their sympathetic and experienced technician got the installation done smoothly and the implementation with Citrix also went very smoothly. We are definitely satisfied with their way of working."

A must for every business

Multi-factor authentication is a necessary solution for any business. Today, a password alone does not provide enough protection to protect data and applications. With the addition of multi-factor authentication, one has better control over this. Ronny Kelchtermans can confirm that. "Multi-factor authentication is a real must, especially for logging in from outside. Moreover, all important PCs that have more privileges should definitely be equipped with multi-factor authentication. You have to pay for licences, of course, but good security is really that important."

About LAG Trailers

LAG Trailers is a leading manufacturer of trailers, mainly fuel trucks, tank trailers and intermodal products. The company, headquartered in Bree, employs 430 people. LAG is part of China's CIMC group, a global player in the container, semi-trailer and tanker industry. The group employs 60,000 people in China, Australia, the US and Europe.

"From preparation to installation, the whole process was a success. Their sympathetic and experienced technician got the installation done smoothly and the implementation with Citrix also went very smoothly. We are definitely satisfied with their way of working."
Ronny Kelchtermans
System administrator
Ronny Kelchtermans

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