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Retail ICT Solutions

Technology that supports your needs as a retailer

As a retailer, you see the opportunities in ongoing digitalisation. You want fast & secure collaboration and the overall experience for your customers must be perfect.

We have plenty of innovative solutions for retailers like you that will make a difference to both your organisation and your customers. These include:

Fast and secure network with perfect wifi in warehouse(s) and shop(s)
 CRM with sophisticated marketing automation that capitalises on it
Central stock management, invoicing with clear real-time dashboards
Smart camera surveillance that can also generate heatmaps, among other things
Complete unburdening around ICT, from servers to end-user...

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Why you can trust VanRoey as a retailer

Our strength is that we go far beyond specific solutions for the retail sector. Think hybrid/cloud infrastructure, security, storage, networking, clients & printing, telephony... and applications to work more efficiently. Always in consultation with your own IT team, to assist them. You can go as far as taking on the management of all or part of your IT environment.

We know your needs and have mountains of experience at many retailers.

complete IT care

The whole picture has to be right. Say: your printer doesn't work. Why?

Is it a technical problem with the printer itself? The spooling server? A security policy? A faulty driver? Perhaps a damaged network cable or switch?... Pointing fingers will not help anyone!

Time for a chat?

How do you get the most out of digitisation? What impact will AI have? How can I run my shops even more efficiently? How can I optimise the experience for my customers?....
We can understand that you are full of questions. Feel free to ask them here and we will get back to you!

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