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Dynamics 365 opens doors for Nordex to perfect flow information

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Today Nordex has its global accounting within Dynamics 365, they also have to develop a product configurator to allow orders to flow through.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 LogoNordex faced limitations and challenges with their former ERP solutions. Too much work was done within separate islands. The warehouse, accounting, purchasing, sales... each department used different software, which resulted in a difficult flow of information throughout the organisation. It was high time for a centralized approach.

Initially, VanRoey visited Nordex for a proposal for the global integration of accounting within Dynamics 365, but additional requirements soon emerged. They also wanted to develop a product configurator that could initialise orders for doors - for both private individuals and organisations - directly within Dynamics 365.

As a result, the involvement of all employees is much higher. Today, all data is central and flows smoothly throughout the entire organisation. The product configurator saves them a lot of work by allowing data to be entered directly into the system. Dynamics 365 flow and be available to all...

About Nordex

Nordex has been synonymous with 'Doors with character' for more than 55 years and, after more than 55 years of craftsmanship, still proves to be a true trendsetter in terms of design, quality and technology. With showrooms in Arendonk, Aalter, Halle, Hasselt, Kampenhout, Opwijk and Wijnegem, Nordex has grown to become a fixture in the sector. With its extensive collection of doors, matching staircases, parquet and wall cabinets, Nordex offers builders and renovators the opportunity to combine their own needs and tastes according to their own personal taste and taste, in addition, to provide an expert combination.

“ Our salespeople are enthusiastic, they see that their order goes straight through to order management, production and invoicing”
CIO, ERP & Business Analysis Manager at Nordex
Danny Lenders Astra Sweets

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