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Dynamics 365 Business Central: worthy successor to Dynamics NAV

With this blog we want to inform you about the latest news from D365 Business Central. As you may know by now, Microsoft Dynamics NAV has switched to a new version called Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Last week VanRoey.be was present at Directions EMEA in Vienna. This is the event for Microsoft Partners about all the news within the Dynamics 365 We have learned a lot of news about Business Central, hereby an update.

Everything shifts to the web client (Modern Client), the Windows Client is completely deleted.

In the beginning this caused some doubt but Microsoft is really working on a full functionality as we are used to in the Windows Client.
Today they have already succeeded in making this a fully-fledged successor. Via the web client - in your browser – you can access your data from anywhere.

The following improvements have been added to the general application:

  • Bookmark pages to the roll centre at the touch of a button and they will appear at the top of your roll centre/start screen menu:

  • Displaying "shortcut dimensions" in lists and diaries
  • When exporting to Excel, "shortcut dimensions" can also be exported.
  • Copy templates (customer, supplier and articles)
  • SWIFT code table now always has a search option, so this is not a separate text anymore.
  • Bulk import of article images
  • Clear display of enclosures and notes:
  • Allow gaps in number series, this is especially useful for non-financial documents
  • Copying documents can now handle blocked master data such as a blocked customer
  • Tasks performed in the background can now be set with a date formula.
  • Merging duplicate customers, suppliers and articles
  • Records can be opened in a new window so you don't have to follow everything in one screen, all windows are also synchronized 1 on 1:

The necessary improvements were also made in the financial field:

Descriptions in documents and diaries are transferred to the booked items. Bookings can be made in the background (such as (batch) booking of an invoice) where error messages are centrally followed up.

In the sales module, the following changes were made:

    • Setting a default shipping address
    • Offers with an expiry date.
    • Via a handy procedure, the expired quotations in bulk can be removed (if desired).
    • Advance payments can now also be previewed so that the financial bookings are clear in advance.
    • Cancellation of reminders and interest invoices booked
      • The document is not deleted but is given a "canceled" status and the system behaves as if it had not been booked.
    • With a corrective credit note there is a check on the total amount so that fewer mistakes can be made.

The purchasing module underwent the following improvements:

  • The annexes to the accounting entries can be called up immediately.
  • New layout for a number of reports
  • On a number of reports the external document number was added

Improvements in the stock module:

  • Also within the stock module, reports can now finally be set up by means of report selections.
  • Dialogue to create items can be skipped
  • Articles copying has been added
  • Create transfer orders based on the reception rules:

For customers who already have an on-premise solution there is a kind of hybrid possibility (on-premise + cloud-sync) to switch to the cloud in phases. Please contact us for the best approach.

We also worked very hard on the integration with Excel, Outlook and Sales.

Enthusiastic about this new version? Contact our sales team and we'd love to show it to you in a demo on the spot!

“For customers who already have an on-premise solution there is a kind of hybrid possibility (on-premise + cloud-sync) to switch to the cloud in phases. Please contact us for the best approach.”

Written by:

Joey Events
Business Consultant Dynamics 365

Joined VanRoey in 2010 as Business Consultant Dynamics 365, focusing on Consulting, Development, Customer Care and Presales.

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