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Accelerate your digitization. The modern workplace, internet of things, A.I., augmented reality, innovative touchscreens, intelligent networks... How can you use technology to accelerate the growth of your organisation?

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Become a Smart Company with Internet of Things

Fetch with sensors data from your existing assets. This data communicates with your ERP environment, database architecture or MS Power Automate... and can be used intelligently to optimize business processes & services or visualize in dashboards.

The truly modern workplace

Work smarter, not harder. On the basis of personas we show the ideal tools for various profiles, assignments and environments. Both hardware (PCs, Hololens, Touchscreens...) and software (Dynamics 365, Office 365...) work hand in hand to maximize your productivity.

Smart Connectivity and artificial intelligence

Intelligent cameras and sensors to e.g. guide or analyse visitors, or monitor machines in real timemust be able to communicate seamlessly at all times. Bluetooth? WiFi? Narrowband IoT? 2G, up to 5G... choose carefully! We can help you

Events, trainings and workshops

Delve into the latest developments in ICT. We regularly give free sessions on a variety of topics. Our certified experts will give you valuable information that will drastically improve the way you work!

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Events & trainings taking place in our Experience center

Microsoft PowerApps & Power Automate

15/12 – 16/122 DaysExperience Center (Yellow)

Make sure your users get to know all the functionalities of Microsoft PowerApps & Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow)! Get the most out of your investment.

SharePoint Online (End User)

09/121 dayExperience Center (Yellow)

Make sure your users get to know all the functionalities and get the most out of your SharePoint investment!

Use our Experience Center!

The Experience Center is located in Geel, a central, easily accessible location between Antwerp, Brussels and Turnhout. And there is plenty of parking space available. In short, the ideal location to meet with colleagues, customers or relations . You can make use of this space, so you can immerse yourself in the latest technology together!
Would you like to rent a nice meeting room in an innovative environment to meet with colleagues or clients? Our location is easily accessible (Geel) and parking and accommodation are provided!

Also Interesting

Progress in the digital workplace often goes hand in hand with resistance - with our User Adoption Plan you can turn this into enthusiasm!
Optimize business processes & services. Use sensors to extract data from your existing assets and enrich your ERP environment, database architecture or MS Power Automate....