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Network Security

the nervous system of your organisation, efficient and safe

Your network and your security are inextricably linked. Take care and choose VanRoey.be as your network and security specialist:

 30 years IT security and networking expertise
Fundamentally right choices thanks to certified experts
Maximum partnerships with specific vendors
Support for network and security under 1 contact point guarantees efficient support and good coordination

DeepScan & NAC

Scan every device, every movement within your network for malware

Today 70% of the traffic within your network is easily encrypted with SSL/TLS. The time when you could just inspect all your network traffic is over. FortiGate Firewalls can inspect SSL/TLS traffic using DeepScan (Deep Packet Inspection), but only if the certificate on the devices is known. 

Unknown devices will therefore often encounter failures, unless you disable DeepScan. But do you know every device in your network? Think of printers, remote visitors, BYOD, smartphones, tablets, IoT, smart TVs... To manage and secure all these devices in your secured network (largely automated) without continuously facing DeepScan issues, your network needs to be equipped with NAC.

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Within a network without NAC, encrypted traffic cannot be scanned for malware using Deep Packet Inspection, and is therefore (preferably) blocked.

The vital importance of Network Access Control (NAC)

HPE Aruba Partnership

By the way, NAC is not only needed to realise DeepScan: We regularly ask CIOs whether they need a be able to accurately estimate the number of devices within their networkWhen we then provide a report of the actual number, an uncomfortable scratching of the back of the head usually follows. 

You want to, on the one hand be aware of the hundreds, sometimes thousands of devices within your network and all of them, on the other hand secure. It's hard to control and manage them manually. Set your terms and let this process automated walk via NACE.g. is the device in your domain, in the right VLAN, is the device in the right VLAN? antivirus active...?

security networking is the technology we often turn on

You're having a hard time today poor network and/or security solutions. Yet there are certain solutions that stand out for us in terms of price-quality ratio, functionality, simplicity and/or management options:

Fortinet | VanRoey.be

Firewall & Security Devices

Fortinet has long been known as a leader regarding security solutions. FortiGate Firewalls might ring a bell, but mainly in terms of 'Fortinet Security Fabric' the company offers the best solutions. Moreover, Fortinet also proposes solutions from other brands without any problem.

Fortinet Expert Partner | VanRoey.be
Ruckus | VanRoey.be

Network switches and Access Points

You ICX Switches and AccesPoints from Ruckus (CommScope) are - as far as we are concerned - unbeatable in terms of prize, performance and quality. The management system Ruckus Unleashed excels in simplicity and can manage up to 8 switches and 128APs. Updates are also performed without loss of uptime.

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Network Access Control (NAC)

Want to know exactly how many Raspberri Pi's, Smart devices or IoT devices your network contains? The Aruba ClearPass NAC Attention, only professional switches support NAC.

HPE Aruba Partnership | VanRoey.be

Rely on our years of experience in thousands of environments (including multinationals & Belgian government services) to lay the puzzle of specific solutions fundamentally right for your organization, with a view to the future.

End-to-end support

Your network is the nervous system of your organisation. It is important that the right decisions are made here, because issues almost immediately result in costs, not to mention large-scale hacks... Give yourself peace of mind and assume that:

Security is guaranteed at all times, from every point of attack

Speed and uptime guaranteed, also in the future

If something were to go wrong, you would be helped immediately by experts

Best-in-class, sustainable solutions are chosen. 

When you choose VanRoey.be you put your network and/or security in the hands of proven experts on the one hand, and on the other hand you don't become dependent on 3 or 4 separate players who blame each other for everything if something goes wrong... We are ready to assist you from A to Z, with adequate, certified knowledge and experience. Today and tomorrow.

Want to know more about network security solutions?

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