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CTOUCH Touchscreens

Take your presentations to the next level by working together interactively

Touch is fully established. Also in Windows. Why not consider it for meetings, presentations or lessons?

Make meetings and classes come alive!
Brilliant image quality and crystal-clear sound in bright environments
Smooth integration of apps, and wireless sharing from your device
Fault-tolerant touchscreen technology

VanRoey.be is CTOUCH Benelux Partner Plus

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Determine your own functionality with 'BRIX'.

A CTOUCH Canvas (business) or CTOUCH Riva (education) can easily be provided with the necessary functionality with 'Brix'. If you want to use one or more CTOUCH screens for other things, you can exchange or upgrade the BRIX.

Choose the BRIX that best suits your needs:

CTOUCH | VanRoey.be

Make a conscious, responsible choice

CTOUCH has sustainability close to its heart. How they do that, they explain in this brochure 

FAQ / Frequently asked questions

  • No projection distance required
  • Better contrast and higher resolution
  • Improved and direct interactivity/touch support
  • No drop shadow or glare for the presenter
  • No wear and tear of the lamp
  • No noise production (Please note that models with built-in PC are cooled)
We have been working together for years to market the CTOUCH brand. We were the very first in Belgium thanks to the project we sold at Sint-Clara. Today, we are the largest partner in Belgium. As a result, we have already built up a great deal of knowledge and can always go to their head office in Eindhoven. Here we can view the complete line-up together with you as well as the various mounting options (wall furniture or mobile). CTOUCH is the type of organization where everyone is approachable. This makes the 3 founders very accessible. Just like VanRoey.be, CTOUCH also strives for continuous innovation, where they analyse the market well and focus on new things with a future. (Integration of JBL speakers, Barco clickshare technology, integration with skype and in the future Microsoft Teams ...). Our similar DNA enables us to install state-of-the art screens for our customers at competitive prices with seamless support.

Why VanRoey.be for CTOUCH?

Already hundreds of successful installations
A strong partnership for years
A lot of expertise in house
Further specialization/integration in e.g. Office 365

VanRoey.be is CTOUCH Benelux Partner Plus

Would you like to experience the CTOUCH screens in person?

We have a number of demo setups ready in which we can go through the functionality together. Don't hesitate to contact us because the screens are really amazing!

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