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A.I. Camera surveillance with Avigilon Alta

Smarter cctv without complexity

Camera surveillance is still too often a 'necessary evil'. A time-consuming, cumbersome 'hassle' that had stuck somewhat in the 1990s. Time for a modern cloud approach with Avigilon Alta (AVA)

Cameras work immediately via Power over Ethernet' (PoE)
No need for servers or expensive software
Images remain stored on individual cameras
Used hardly any data traffic, only if you consult images
A.I. analysis and metadata-based searchability
Start automations based on triggers in the picture

In short: all the benefits and convenience of a contemporary cloud-native camera surveillance system.

Avigilon Alta IP POE Security Cameras
Smart and fast searching

In seconds, you can search across all cameras by characteristics such as 'colour jumper' or 'male or female' in specific times of day. You can also search in a specific area within the image. (e.g. to see when someone took something away, dumped rubbish, or smashed a car window...)

Once you have found a person, you can immediately see them on all cameras in fragments.
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Camera installation

Thanks to Power over Ethernet (PoE), they are literally plug-and-play within your network without having to provide power cables everywhere.

In seconds, you add a new camera to the cloud platform.
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Line Crossing

Simply delineate zones on your image that should serve as triggers.

How many people have passed? Or do you want the lights to come on and the music to start playing as soon as someone crosses the line? It's all possible in principle.
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On top of your uploaded floor plan or live over the footage, you can see where the most people were or movement took place.

Ideal for retailers to see where your visitors mainly (do not) go, or for cities and municipalities to map flows of people and cars. Your office occupancy can also be calculated this way.
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View, search & export via browser

"Works like Netflix for CCTV. You open your browser and the images stream right through your cameras. So it's lightning fast and you certainly don't need a hefty PC or expensive software.

It even works on smartphones.
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Number plate recognition

Let the barriers rise automatically for known visitors and/or register their arrival.

Then start working on this data: Do cars have to wait too long at entrance 1? Automatically redirect others to entrance 2. When was this particular delivery? Do invoices match attendance?.... Measuring is knowing.
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Integration with sensors

A sudden rise in temperature could indicate an unclosed refrigeration door. Or is there water in the car park?

Through 'Disruptive Technologies', we offer sensors, not much bigger than a thick postage stamp, that integrate perfectly with the Avigilon Alta platform
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Map view
If you have many cameras hanging, you want to be able to reach the right one quickly. Use a satellite image or ground plan and place all your cameras, sensors to easily reach them afterwards.
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Just works in your browser

No need for heavy software or expensive PCs to view or search images, plus you can also easily view your images remotely

Safety first

Did you know that the US FBI is Avigilon Alta's biggest customer?

Uses hardly any bandwidth or storage

The images are stored on the cameras. Only when you consult them will your network be taxed. It is also extremely easy to export images.

Built-in Intelligence


The system recognises what is normal and what is not... On Sunday suddenly there is movement? Someone starts walking? Wrongly parked car? Fighting?


Count people or cars. Bring the statistics into a handy report and ask questions like, "When did you see more than 4 people?". Did as many people leave as came in?

Smart search

Search àll cameras for one or more persons by gender, colour of jumper... Suspect spotted? Click through and get all the clips of this person immediately!

They listen

Cameras also listen for abnormalities. When there is a loud bang, glass breaking or exceptional shouting, images are flagged and you are notified.

Avigilon Alta Cameras

Avigilon Alta IP POE Security Cameras

Dome cameras

Avigilon Alta dome

Bullet cameras

Avigilon Alta bullet

Flex/Wifi cameras

Avigilon Alta camera alta flex

Flex/Wifi cameras

Avigilon Alta camera

All Avigilon Alta cameras operate via PoE, have 4K resolution and deliver thanks to infrared very clear image even in dark environments. 

Their built-in storage is good for 30 days of footage in 4K, and the licence also includes backup of footage to the cloud!

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FAQ / Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can integrate existing devices into the Avigilon Alta smart system, but there are some conditions attached to this:

  1. They must be ONVIF compliant.
  2. You will also need additional onsite hardware to ensure communication is correct.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this.

Yes, images can be stored in the cloud platform.

We mainly work with "Disruptive Technologies" sensors.

These integrate flawlessly into the Avigilon Alta platform.

  • There are sensors for temperature, moisture, water, pressure, touch... Even cigarettes or cannabis can be detected.
  • Their batteries last as long as 15 years
  • They are not much bigger than a flat Lego brick...

So you can secure, optimise and simplify your operations in no time.

Data consumption remains limited because the images remain only on the cameras by default and the a.i. only processes metadata. Only when you start viewing images will your network experience significant extra load.

If you want to backup or stream footage yourself 24/7, you can do the calculation yourself here once.

Let's see how it works.

Watch the demo below or ask your questions. We use the Avigilon Alta cameras ourselves, so you can see in real time how well and easily it works.

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