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Mister Minit secures her shops with the Fortinet Security Fabric

Today, thanks to the Fortinet Security Fabric, employees can manage all their devices centrally and conveniently via a single security platform, without compromising on data and internet accessibility!
Mister Minit Logo

Fortinet Platinum Partner and Partner of Excellence | VanRoey.beThe requirements of Mister Minit were clear: a replacement of the MPLS network and the replacement of the store connectivity. The new system had to be forward-looking, offer an extra layer of security, be able to be managed centrally and offer more insight into the WAN traffic. Also ‘Zero-touch provisioning’ to the stores was certainly a requirement.

VanRoey reduced the complexity of their network infrastructure while maintaining a rock-solid security ecosystem and clear SLA&#8217s. Today, thanks to the Fortinet Security Fabric and Unified Threat Management, employees can manage all their devices centrally and conveniently via a single security platform, without sacrificing data or internet accessibility!

About Mister Minit

Sometimes you need a professional, someone to repair your smartphone after you dropped it, someone to repair your shoes, so you can go on. Someone to duplicate your key, because you need an extra one, since 1957 you can count on MISTER MINIT for this. Today, MISTER MINIT is the European leader in retail services with 900 points of sale all over Europe. 30 commercial professionals operate a MISTER MINIT franchise across the Benelux countries, out of a total of 100 shops.

"Thanks to the Fortinet Security Fabric, a single security platform allows us to centrally and conveniently manage all our devices, without sacrificing data nor internet accessibility!"
Luc Smet
ICT-NIM Teamleader Mister Minit

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