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Easykit guarantees unique customer experience thanks to modern network infrastructure

Secure and well-functioning IT solutions including Managed Services help the Easykit Coaches and Service Technicians to guarantee flawless service.

A unique customer experience

The experience of the customer is the most important for Easykit. Sometimes people are a bit unsure about their own technical skills or they encounter unexpected difficulties. They have to be able to immediately contact an Easykit Coach or a Service Technician. It is important that there is no fear of barriers. Secure and well functioning IT - including Managed Services - guaranteeing easy accessibility and fast customer service.

Besides the 60 Easykit Coaches, who are mainly active in the showrooms, there are about 25 technicians on the road and an internal service department ready for the customers. You understand that all these people work on different locations and are very mobile. VanRoey.be modernized all of its showrooms and the head office in Rotselaar to provide flawless service. Ruckus switches and Ruckus WLAN Ensure a high-performance (wireless) network. With Telenet Business Fibernet Easykit also chooses for super fast internet via coax. FortiGate Firewalls form a solid barrier that protects the corporate network.

Secure storage & backup

In addition to a new network infrastructure, the headquarters in Rotselaar were given an extra upgrade. For safe storage and backup The existing server park was modernized and Easykit chose the VanRoey.be Private Cloud.

With HPE Nimble Storage and HPE StoreEasy Storage, the most technologically advanced storage solutions were provided. Thanks to the combination of HD and SSD technology and the application of AI, HP Nimble provides optimal processing power and dynamic allocation of resources. StoreEasy Storage is also extremely user friendly. These performing HP storage technologies are also installed on the VanRoey.be private cloud. For Easykit this private cloud is the ideal solution for backup and recovery. With a Veeam backup on top, the company data is always up-to-date and available. Easykit doesn't want to have to deal with a cyber attack, but if one does occur they can continue to support their customers with these solutions.

Managed Services

Easykit is a medium-sized company and employs an ICT support engineer and an application manager. They do a magnificent job with first line support and management of the ERP and other data systems. Through a single point of contact at VanRoey.be the support engineer of Easykit gets immediately in touch with the right people when he needs support seeks. A reliable and performing ICT is crucial for Easykit and CEO David Janssens therefore emphasizes the importance of a partner who actively thinks along and offers customized solutions.

David also highly values the project-based collaboration and easy accessibility of the right people. This also applies to the Managed Services of VanRoey.be. In addition to the support on demand, the performance of the running systems and the back-ups are permanently monitored.

About Easykit

If you want to work with heating, ventilation, electricity or sanitary equipment yourself, you can do so in one of the twelve Easykit showrooms. Easykit is the market leader in self-build solutions and also offers techniques for renewable energy and smart energy management in your home. Easykit can let everybody do his own job. They do this through training, instructional videos and the support of 60 Easykit coaches and 25 technicians who offer professional service on site. They make sure that the customer chooses the right solutions and has the necessary tools and knowledge to install them himself.

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"The optimization of the network infrastructure significantly improved the ease of use for our Easykit Coaches and Service Technicians, and consequently customer service."
David Janssens
CEO Easykit
David Janssens

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