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AZ Turnhout renews Managed Print Services agreement

The hospital has been calling on VanRoey.be for Managed Security Services for years. A Managed Print Services agreement was also concluded and recently renewed.
AZ Turnhout Logo | VanRoey.be

AZ Turnhout and VanRoey.be have been loyal partners for many years. As early as 2014, the hospital called on VanRoey.be for watertight security solutions with Managed Security Services. Thanks to this agreement, AZ Turnhout can count on 24/7 support for urgent security interventions. Shortly afterwards, printers were also delivered to the various departments and an Managed Print Services agreement. An agreement that was recently renewed.


Standardization is probably the main concern of the internal IT people at AZ Turnhout. A hospital typically has a fragmented structure with many different departments. The Dissemination of activities on the Sint-Elisabeth and Sint-Jozef campuses represents an additional challenge on top of that. In order to improve the service to patients, a strong effort has been made in recent years to streamline processes. Managed Print Services fits perfectly into this strategy.

Needless to say, printing needs differ between different users and departments. A secretary at the reception desk uses her device differently from a doctor in his consultation room. Per department there are therefore a select number of HP printers from which to choose the right device. At AZ Turnhout, two functionalities are essentially decisive:

  1. Should users be able to print in colour?
  2. Is scanning functionality required?

This simple exercise limits the number of different printers to four. This not only simplifies installation and maintenance, it also ensures a smoother supply of toners and a wide range of devices.


Centralisation is another measure that AZ Turnhout consistently applies in order to make its operation as efficient as possible. Managed Print Services also contributes to this: for example, in the distribution of toners from the central warehouse. Because the stock is continuously monitored here, the managers can quickly play ball and order additional toners where necessary. This management is facilitated by the fact that only four different models, all of the same brand, are in use.

In this way, neither the users nor the internal IT administrators are faced with any surprises. Of course, this is only possible thanks to a clear Service Level Agreement between VanRoey.be and AZ Turnhout. As an HP First Platinum Partner, VanRoey.be can offer the very best service.


In addition to the automatic supply of toner, monitoring can also provide better insight into the use and consumption of printers. What is the printing cost per department? Is there sufficient recto-verso printing? Is an awareness-raising campaign to print more economically and ecologically appropriate? And so on.

For AZ Turnhout, it is important in the first instance to ensure smooth operation and optimal patient care. The great added value of monitoring therefore lies in ensuring the continuous operation of all printers. If an urgent intervention is nevertheless necessary, AZ Turnhout can count on rapid support from an HP or VanRoey.be employee.

Informing the patient

Recently, VanRoey.be also installed about 70 Samsung screens in waiting rooms, nursing wards and entrance halls, spread across both campuses. Via the screens, the hospital can pass on important information to the patient in a few clicks. The information can be adapted to the location where the patient is located. For example, a patient in the waiting room gynaecology is shown different information than a patient in the entrance hall. During the recent corona crisis, the screens proved to be an enormous added value to quickly inform patients about the measures taken in the hospital.

The state-of-the-art Samsung screens attract attention and inform patients more effectively than posters and info boards. The information displayed on all screens on both campuses can be managed centrally via an applied Zebrix cloud solution. A cost-saving solution that guarantees communication of the right information.

About AZ Turnhout

In AZ Turnhout more than 2,000 staff members and 200 doctors commit themselves every day to offer the best care to their patients together and to receive them hospitably. Together with their partners, they want to develop and implement innovative concepts and models. In this way, in a changing health landscape, they lay the foundation for an integrated care system with sustainable cooperation and networking between the various health actors.

"The number of different types of printers was limited to four. This facilitates installation and maintenance, ensures a smoother supply of toners and a wide range of applications for the devices".

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