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Make the bridge between Teams and your telephony with Telenet

Every day we use Microsoft Teams as a handy tool to video call, chat and share documents. But did you know you can also call people outside the organization? Both to mobile and landlines. So you only need one tool to make calls and work together efficiently.

Just like a classic telephone exchange

When it comes to telephony, as a user you need certain functionalities: setting up a voicemail, number recognition, transfer to a cell phone or colleague, etc. Also administrators often have specific needs. Think of calling groups, easy allocation of phone numbers or use of a choice menu.

Telenet provides the bridge

Telenet Business Expert Partner | VanRoey.beThanks to the Direct Routing link that Telenet provides between Teams and your telephonyThe above functionalities are possible. Just like a classic telephone exchange. Additional advantage: you don't need to provide an analogue telephone exchange (PBX). So you save that cost as well.

The user chooses

Thanks to this link with the existing telephony solution, everyone continues to communicate with his or her familiar device. This allows a construction company, for example, to perfectly schedule an online meeting with people in the office and on site, between people with a laptop, a smartphone and a fixed telephone. Everyone continues to work with the technology they are familiar with. And rest assured: existing telephone numbers remain unchanged!

How does this work technically?

The extra functionality for calling people outside your organization through Teams can easily be set up by our specialists. In the background, we will link your Teams to your telephony through Direct Routing, which is actually a PBX in the cloud. This way, your Teams users can make and receive external calls.

Teams PBX schedule | VanRoey.be

The coupling between your standard telephone network and Teams is done via Session Border Controller (SBC) which is connected to the SIP Trunk (= Hosted VoIP) of Telenet Business. You can also consider investing in your own dedicated SBC or save by choosing a shared SBC.

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"A construction company can perfectly conduct an online consultation with people in the office and on the site, between people with a laptop, a smartphone and landline."
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