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Free primary school De Vlinder pops up digitally

The primary school was looking for a partner to fundamentally integrate the necessary ICT infrastructure in the school and to offer it to the children.
Free-Elementary School- The Butterfly Logo

"A contemporary school needs a solid vision and infrastructure in the field of ICT. Our children grow up in an increasingly digital world in which the development of their media awareness (media wisdom, media literacy and media skills - technical and instrumental knowledge) must be supported from a forward-looking view of society. A not so simple task for a primary school in a constantly evolving society.
says Wim Van den Heuvel, Care Coordinator at VBS de Vlinder.

"We were looking for 3 things in our search to a new ICT partner: first of all, the company must be able to work together with us. thinking in terms of the school's needsBesides, we were just looking for sound solutions for the requirements of the school and finally we searched for a professional and efficient contact.

Because VanRoey.be met those three requirements, we decided to greatly expand our digital infrastructure over both wired and wireless networks using solutions from both Ruckus, Fortinet and HPE . We chose large touch screens from CTOUCH, as a digital learning tool to support a contemporary living and learning environment. The best part is that all this can be easily managed centrally by any ICT coordinator with the necessary technical skills. User friendliness, soundness, performance stability... There were many great advantages to choosing these solutions, as well as the fact that we have such a short response time and are not dependent on either support or configuration.

About Free Primary School De Vlinder

As a 'community school', Vrije Elementary School De Vlinder (part of KOBA) wants to be a social space, a meeting place in Baarle-Hertog. Day in, day out, together, an open and caring school for the children, a workshop full of humanity where quality education is provided. Together with 142 pre-schoolers (6 classes) and 233 pupils in the primary school (12 classes), 42 employees, supported by a large group of volunteers, will take up this challenge in a new school.

The specific knowledge of the education team ensures that all solutions are tailored to the needs of our school. So we speak to like-minded people and that's very nice.”
Wim Van den Hill
Director of Free Primary School De Vlinder
Wim Van den heuvel Care coordinator at De Vlinder Free Primary School

Like Wim Van den Heuvel of Free Primary School De Vlinder, would you like to work with us?

Regardless of your challenge(s), feel free to write to us with your open questions.
From specific support until complete carefree service... In an open conversation we will look at all possibilities. See you then!

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In this CTOUCH Riva training video we cover many basic functionalities, UboardMate 2, UboardMate CC, EShare and many other tools!

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