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Beerse municipality strengthens its ICT team with VanRoey specialists

Beerse municipality decided to engage VanRoey Managed Services for the day-to-day maintenance of the ICT infrastructure of their five schools.

Theys: "We ended up with VanRoey via a government contract. For us, it was not so much the price, but mainly the quality of its technical people that was the deciding factor to set up the cooperation." Bram Smets, Education Sales Manager at VanRoey says: "In the first phase, we were called in to keep everything working. A structural proactive approach came later."

Davy Theys: "What we soon noticed was that the cooperation with VanRoey is professional, always clear and transparent. Bram is our first point of contact so communication is very direct and we get immediate answers to our questions. Today, after some maintenance work, our cooperation has grown into a structural collaboration with a shared long-term vision. We want to evolve towards a future-proof environment with maximum uptime. This is why we decided to engage VanRoey Managed Services for the daily maintenance of the ICT infrastructure of our 5 schools... For at least 4 years already!"

Davy Theys adds: "We like to bet on sustainable technologies and hardware that we are sure will be usable for the long term. VanRoey's professionalism and expertise provide considerable added value here. We can deploy a specialist in all sub-domains. In the field of licensing, for example: the municipal administration buys its terminal server and Office 365 licences from VanRoey, as they have a certified specialist in the field of Microsoft licences and are a highly reputable Microsoft partner. That creates trust and works easily.

Theys: "As a result, we are using over a collection of technologies that work together seamlessly. Thanks to the Managed Services contract, the continuity of ICT services is unparalleled... Rest assured that this benefits the end users! It is still a little too early to say much today about the final results of our investments, especially since we still have many plans on the table and other things are only just getting underway, but we are entrusting more and more things to VanRoey. We are moving away from ad hoc fire-fighting and look forward to the next four years with great confidence!

About the municipality of Beerse

Beerse in the province of Kempen has almost 18,000 inhabitants and has an extensive range of municipal education, including primary, part-time and special education. The employees of the municipal council are fully committed to innovation, renewal and digitisation in order to be able to help its residents quickly and efficiently, and in view of the fact that ICT plays an important role in this, Davy Theys, who is responsible for ICT and the website, decided to further optimise the ICT in her five schools.

"VanRoey convinced us with its technical expertise, direct communication and strategic vision of ICT."
Davy Theys
ICT responsible municipality of Beerse
Davy Theys Municipality of Beerse

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