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Sopraco opts for Ruckus' digital delicacy

Sopraco, in collaboration with VanRoey, underwent a major network transformation at their headquarters in Geel. The implementation of 29 Ruckus switches and a renewed VLAN configuration resulted in a more efficient, secure and manageable network. In addition, the 'cable spaghetti' in the patch cabinets was addressed.
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Sopraco, a leading European meat company, faced the challenge of modernising their network infrastructure. With an outdated system that did not meet current technological requirements, there was an urgent need for an upgrade to improve efficiency, speed and security. Sopraco chose VanRoey as its partner for this major technological upgrade.

Cable spaghetti addressed

Modernising the network infrastructure was priority number one for IT Project Manager Mike Bellemans. "For more efficient operation, it was essential to tackle the entire network at the head office in Geel. Over the years, the patch cabinets had turned into a veritable cable spaghetti. A tangle of network cables that screamed for order. Replacing the existing switches with state-of-the-art Ruckus switches was an excellent opportunity to tackle our entire data centre."

"Rewiring our server rooms is not only more aesthetically pleasing, it also simplifies maintenance and management. An orderly rack contributes to more efficient work processes and reduces the risk of errors."

Focus on redundancy

On the advice of the network experts at VanRoey, Sopraco opted for redundant core setups spread across two server rooms. This strategic decision guarantees higher network availability and reliability. For a company that needs to be operational 24/7, this redundancy is not only an advantage, but also a necessity to ensure continuity & reliability.

40Gbit speedLogo Ruckus Partner Elite | VanRoey.be

The implementation of full backbone redundancy with a speed of 40Gbit between core switches is another major milestone in Sopraco's network upgrade. This upgrade ensures faster and more stable data transmission, which is crucial for real-time processing of production and logistics data. Important in an industry where time equals freshness.

In cooperation with Connectivity, the old fibres were also replaced, to reach an impressive 10Gbit speed towards the edge switches as well.

Easy management via Ruckus SmartZone

The implementation of Ruckus SmartZone is a gamechanger for Sopraco's IT team. This management system significantly simplifies monitoring and managing the 29 installed switches, leading to a reduction in operational complexity. "Ruckus SmartZone allows us to focus on strategic tasks instead of daily network management" testifies Mike Bellemans.

Ruckus Virtual Smartzone | VanRoey.be

Network & Security hand in hand

Fortinet Expert Partner | VanRoey.be

At VanRoey, networking and cybersecurity go hand in hand. This included a review of the existing VLAN design. This new configuration resulted in a more efficient & secure network structure with improved network performance. By applying routing to the existing FortiGate firewalls, corporate network security and segmentation improved and Sopraco is now better protected against cybercrime.

About Sopraco

Sopraco is among the leading meat suppliers in Europe. The group supplies a wide range of quality meat products tailored for wholesale distribution, retail chains, butchers and the catering industry. With their deep-rooted expertise and modern production facilities in Kempen (Geel), Sopraco is a reliable partner in the food supply chain.

"Rewiring our server rooms is not only more aesthetically pleasing, it also simplifies maintenance and management. An orderly rack contributes to more efficient work processes and reduces the risk of errors."
Mike Bellemans
IT Project Manager at Sopraco
Mike Bellemans - Sopraco

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