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Ruckus ICX7850 switch wins Product of the Year Award

You CRN Products of the Year Awards distinguish the best new products and important updates that have appeared in the past year, assessing not only the technological aspects, but also the extent to which the product meets the needs of the customers and the way in which it is placed in the market. It is a recognition that is very highly regarded within the IT community.

Ruckus ICX 7850 For switches, throughput is the feature that gets the most attention. There, the Ruckus ICX7850 scores very well immediately. With a higher Gigabit throughput, it delivers switch The Ruckus ICX7850 opens the way to 100 Gigabit Ethernet thanks to its high degree of aggregation (i.e. combining multiple connections in parallel). The advanced stacking - with the option to scale up to 12 switches - results in an impressive Aggregated stacking bandwidth of 9.6 Tbps.

You SmartZone network controller van Ruckus allows the ICX7850 switches - as well as all their other networking devices - to be configured and monitored quickly and easily. The SmartZone controller guides you through error analysis if necessary to solve any problems quickly and accurately.

The perfect network for you?
As the heart of your organisation, a high-performance & secure network is a must. Discover the many features & compare the Ruckus ICX Switches in 1 overview!

The Ruckus ICX7850 is very flexible and does not necessarily need to be installed in a central office to easily upgrade an existing company network. "single wiring housing and can thus make use of the fibre and network infrastructure already in placeThe CRN Channel was also charmed by advanced security with maximum data privacy and the "Pay as you Grow" model, with which Ruckus meets the needs of the customer in a tailored and flexible way.

Logo Ruckus Partner Elite | VanRoey.beIn the CRN Product of the Year Awards, Ruckus leaves behind big names such as HPE and Cisco, showing that it delivers high-end networking solutions and very good support. It also confirms the trust that VanRoey.be places in Ruckus as an Elite Partner.

"with the option to scale up to 12 switches - results in an impressive aggregate stacking bandwidth of 9.6 Tbps."

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