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Wase Werkplaats digitizes its quality processes with Microsoft SharePoint

After a major upgrade to the cloud version of Dynamics 365, the paper quality process was digitised together with our SharePoint specialists.

Microsoft SharePoint | Vanroey.beWhat started with a major upgrade from an outdated on-premise ERP environment to the cloud version of Dynamics 365The result was the digitisation of the paper quality process. When VanRoey.be was a Security Audit carried out, Wase Werkplaats also taught our SharePoint expertise.

The approach was gradual: first an intranet was set up, then team sites, customer and project portals were set up and finally the entire quality dossier was digitised. Today, Wase Werkplaats benefits from a digital working environment, fully integrated with Dynamics 365.

About Wase Werkplaats

Wase Werkplaats is the largest custom-made company in East Flanders, employing some 650 people with a disability and about 100 employees. The Wase Werkplaats has evolved enormously over the past few decades and now makes a clear distinction between its three divisions, also with new names: 'W-green' for the sustainable management of green space for public authorities and the regional industry, 'W-technics' for the technical custom-made solutions for the industry in Zele, and 'W-pharma' for the packaging and labelling for the pharmaceutical world and care institutions.

We see VanRoey not so much as a supplier, but rather as a partner who can help us digitise manual flows.”
Joris Cornet
CFO Wax Workshop

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