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Power Automate

If This, Then... Done!

Microsoft Power Automate casts repetitive actions and complex business processes into a smart, automated 'flow'.

Establish connections between apps, databases and start processes
It works very user-friendly. Anyone can get started with it.
Engage A.I. to optimise document automation
Create simple desktop flows (on your PC), digital process automation (DPA) & even robotic process automation (RPA)

In short: you build your own extensive automation to make cumbersome processes run immediately and error-free

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Microsoft Power Automate

Anyone can automate

With little or code, you can already achieve a lot of functionality. It works with an intuitive drag & drop system and thanks to hundreds of connectors and templates, even beginners are quickly up and running.

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Flows & Cloud flows

You don't have to limit yourself to proprietary data or services to build convenient automations. Connect cloud apps, services and data using cloud flows and countless connectors.

Process Advisor

With process and task mining, this integrated a.i. thoroughly examines how your organisation works and helps you find new ways to automate and optimise.

With "Process mining" Get better insight into complex processes. This will help you identify cumbersome or inefficient processes in your organisation.

With "task mining" desktop activity is analysed. The insights give you targeted recommendations to start automating yourself.

Connectors, from Adobe to Zendesk

Easily connect all your favourite apps, databases and web services thanks to a whole library of hundreds of connectors for Power Automate.

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Are you struggling with a complex challenge where Power Automate can help with?

Building Automations, Apps, Power BI reports & intelligent Power Pages requires the necessary experience, technical knowledge, business acumen, analytical ability, creativity... This is where VanRoey makes a difference...

We advise concepts based on certified knowledge and heaps of experience

We configure existing or build new APIs and make new connections

Open mind: we will train your people if you wish. trainings. Get to work yourself

Also SharePoint-solutions (or even the SPFX framework) is part of our skillset

If Microsoft CSP and Gold Partner we can help with the licence management

Microsoft Gold Partner | VanRoey.be

Getting started with Power Automate?

View demo setups and discuss options to untangle your operational knots!

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Power Automate is part of the Microsoft Power Platform, a collection of versatile tools to connect all data and processes (internal and external)!

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