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Copilot for Microsoft 365: Your new virtual colleague!

Microsoft Copilot, the smart AI assistant, is available as an add-on for all organisations with a Microsoft 365 licence. It gives subscribers access to the latest language models of OpenAI that are commercially available. How to activate Copilot can be read below:

Which licence do you need for Copilot?

Copilot for Microsoft 365 is available as additional licence add-on for:

  • Microsoft 365
    • Business Basic
    • Premium
    • Standard
    • E3, E5
    • F1, F3,
    • A3, A5 for Faculty
  • Office 365
    • E1, E3, E5,
    • F3
    • A3, A5 for Faculty

Copilot Requirements and licences Here you will find a clear overview of all types of Copilots and add-ons within Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, the Power Platform... We also show cost prices as well as requirements.

How much do you pay for Copilot?

These Copilot licence costs €28.1 per month per user and can even be activated from as little as one user. Note: the licence is active for one year immediately, though. (€337.20 for one year, in other words)

Microsoft 365 Copilot Icon vectorPreviously, Copilot was only available to the largest organisations that had to purchase at least 300 Copilot licences on top of their Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3 or E5 licences. Such an additional monthly investment of at least $9,000 was quite an obstacle to take the plunge and smaller organisations were therefore excluded anyway.

Here, too, we have good news to report: this compulsory minimum purchase is no longer required. So even large organisations today can explore Copilot's capabilities at their own pace (and budget).

Copilot Pro vs Copilot for Microsoft 365

So when we talk about 'Copilot' in a professional context, we mean 'Copilot for Microsoft 365'. It seems a bit confusing, but there is additionally a 'Copilot' and 'Copilot Pro' licence. Two products towards consumers who want to enhance their Copilot experience when using apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Below is an interesting infographic for clarification:

Microsoft Copilot vs Copilot Pro vs Copilot for Microsoft 365

Copilot in Dutch summarises your meeting.Microsoft Copilot is available in Dutch

It took a while, but Copilot now understands Dutch without any problem. Besides Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese, Copilot will soon also be able to process information, prompts and documents in Arabic, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Hungarian, Hebrew, Polish, Thai, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian and Russian.

So there is nothing stopping you from getting started with it today.

Activate Microsoft Copilot today?

Microsoft Cloud Solution ProviderAs a registered Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider + Microsoft Tier 1 Cloud Services Provider VanRoey can activate these licence(s) for your organisation.

Microsoft Gold Partner | VanRoey.be

You can also count on us to inform you further about this as well as set-up and in-depth configuration execute. Consequently, there are quite a few risks and challenges as you can see in This extended session by Patrick Viaene on Copilot could discover earlier.

Copilot will undoubtedly be able to add enormous value, but you don't want e.g. sensitive issues to be included in the knowledge database.

What new features in Copilot have been announced recently?

Microsoft does seem to be going all-in on Copilot. The list of updates in their recent blog is therefore huge at such short notice. We sum it up for you:

  • Expansion of Copilot Lab: shows an extensive prompt library as a learning and tool to help your colleagues make the most of Copilot right away.
  • User adoption: Integration into Microsoft 365 apps such as Word and Excel with relevant prompts and a collection of best resources and training videos.
  • Sharing prompts: Ability within organisations to share useful prompts to boost efficiency and productivity, with a planned rollout in the summer.
  • Copilot in Microsoft 365 mobile app: now your colleagues can also work with all this AI functionality on the go.
  • Copilot in Forms: Simplifies survey and form creation with AI-driven suggestions.
  • Copilot in OneDrive: Provides quick access to information in files with features such as summarising and natural language search (available end of April).
  • Sharing with summaries: Adds AI-generated summaries when sharing documents, starting with Word documents.
  • Copilot in Stream: Offers video summaries and insights (available in late April).
  • Help me create: New feature in the Microsoft 365 web app that helps choose the right format for content, available in March.
  • Copilot in 'classic' Outlook for Windows: Previously, Copilot was only available in Outlook's web client. So now Copilot will also help you draft and coach e-mails in the desktop application that is still eagerly used.
  • New Copilot experience in Microsoft Teams: Offers improved prompts and functionality. A new Copilot 'contact' is thus automatically pinned above chats and can be addressed for work support at any time.

As you can see, it will be difficult to keep updating this blog, given the huge amount of functionality added on an almost daily basis.

Need help?

Do not hesitate to contact our Microsoft specialists to guide you towards implementing Microsoft Copilot:

vat no.*

"We can also support you in a thoughtful and responsible implementation. Because rest assured that there are many things to consider."
Our Marketing Manager Tom Hufkens will show you the capabilities of Copilot for Microsoft 365 in about 35 minutes.

Written by:

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