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Microsoft licences and prices, Ines gives tips on how to save here!

Microsoft regularly makes changes to its prices and licences. But, as with your energy supplier, it can sometimes pay to revisit your formulas. Fellow Ines Van Hoof, Licensing Specialist at VanRoey.be, explains & explains!

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More tips & tricks?

Would you like to explore extensively using sample scenarios What savings or upgrades your organisation can achieve? Then be sure to watch Ines' video. In 15 minutes, she explains all the options available:

"If you are still planning to purchase new subscriptions, start a new subscription before 1/4/2023, you will avoid the 11% price hike."

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Did you know that there are a lot of savings to be made with the new licensing model within Microsoft 365? Our licensing specialist Ines Van Hoof takes a closer look at them for you!

Written by:

Tom Hufkens
Marketing Manager at VanRoey

A familiar face at VanRoey for 15 years. Literally and figuratively: because of his role as Marketing Manager, he is regularly at the centre of our communication. He regularly shares his experiences of new marketing methods during workshops & events.

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