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Our many years of cooperation have earned us numerous awards, including 2x ‘Partner of the year’!

  • Gold Certified Partner
  • Advanced Service Delivery Partner(!)
  • Gold Cloud Productivity
  • Gold Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Gold Midmarket Solution Provider
  • Gold Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions
  • Gold Authorized Education Provider
  • Silver Data Platform
  • Silver Volume Licensing
  • Silver Hosting
  • Silver Messaging
  • Silver Devices and Deployment
  • Silver Software Asset Management
  • Silver Cloud Platform
  • Silver Data center
  • Cloud Solution Provider
Gold Certified Partner
Microsoft Gold Partner | VanRoey.be
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Office 365 + Windows 11 + security and so much more... in one low-cost suite from as little as €20.6 per user per month.
Pour repetitive operations and complex business processes into a smart, automated 'flow'.
With Power Apps, you optimise business processes in an instant by making complex things simple for your colleagues
The Power Platform is a collective term for low-code tools that let different datasets talk to each other easily
Scappman further extends the capabilities of Microsoft Intune: automate packaged updates, create User-groups, fast or slow ring...
For constantly strict controls and explicitly grant rights instead of taking them away. Trust no-one!
DataMGR is an application that gives you insight into the heavy users of your Office 365 environment. Take action today and save dramatically on data!
Office 365 is the most widely used collaboration platform. Discover the numerous tools to optimize the productivity of your organization.
Microsoft raises the bar with the stunning Surface Pro tablets, laptops, Studio and hybrid devices!
Use state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure without the necessary investment. All services integrate perfectly with your on-premise data centre.
EMS secures and simplifies the management of your (mobile) operation. What exactly does the suite mean and how does EMS E3 versus EMS E5 compare? Discover it here.
Erwin Nagels, IT Service Manager at Voka, summarises how the organisation achieved a smoother financial flow thanks to Business Central.
Did you know that there are a lot of savings to be made with the new licensing model within Microsoft 365? Our licensing specialist Ines Van Hoof takes a closer look at them for you!
What opportunities does Copilot and AI offer within Microsoft 365 environments? Are there also risks? You'll discover it all in this recording!
Take a big step forward in your organisation's security with Zero-Trust. In this free webinar, discover the core principles!
Discover in how Microsoft Intune in combination with the Belgian Scappman can take the installation and updating of software out of your hands.
Stein shares interesting market insights and interventions to move towards an ideal business operation. Microsoft Ignite 2022 will also be discussed.
Would you like to replace the classic telephone exchange and make calls using Microsoft Teams? Our expert will show you how it works in about 20 minutes!
You can collaborate, communicate, plan, share files, meet in Teams... So how do you go about working on projects as efficiently as possible?
Do you already know Teams? We will discuss a lot of useful things that will improve the (cooperation) of our teams!
What do the suites offer and, above all, how much does it cost? Receive free of charge our 2 high-resolution schedules with price listings for all individual modules and suites.

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