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Get everything you need from now on thanks to this webinar! Get tips and tricks from our Teams expert, complemented with a hands-on demo of the latest features!
Open Value, Business Standard vs Business Premium, E3 vs E5, Office 365 vs Microsoft 365, ... Yves Kerwijn explains the licensing model of Microsoft.
In this webinar of +/- 45 minutes we give an extensive demonstration of the missing link in any environment struggling with a proliferation of Teams and SharePoint Sites.
We explain what the Fortinet Security Fabric is, and why it is so important in the current climate of digital transformation.
In 21 minutes, we'll guide you through the possibilities Trend Micro Worry Free has to offer. Both the Antivirus and the XDR (EDR) part of Trend Micro will be discussed in detail!
Exabeam can inspect complex security log files for you, identify suspicious behavior or uncover undetected security breaches. In this webinar we explain how that works!
During this extensive demo session (42 min) we will show you the platform. We will go through the training videos, the phishing templates, the reporting and much more!
A 100% Belgian data center optimized for the hybrid model. Discover the advantages for your organization in this webinar!
Secure the gold (data) of your company. How to do this? By providing a healthy mix of multiple layers around your IT environment. Discover how you can guarantee the continuity of your business with Veeam Availability Suite (backup & replication) and Backup As A Service.
We summarize why HP Elitebooks and Z Workstations are perhaps the safest devices on the market. We'll explain the features and take a closer look at the HP Endpoint Security Controller.
Since there is no backup by default in your office 365 environment, one click on the delete-button (intentionally or not) can be disastrous. Prevent data loss thanks to Veeam!
Let's catch up on cyber security. Especially now that homeworkers are being targeted more and more often. After watching this event, you will be up to date with the latest technologies.
Internet of Things revolutionizes the way many organizations work. What is the impact on their numbers and operation? And above all, what has Microsoft learned after years of experience?
After years of experience in the sector, Microsoft knows better than anyone where the opportunities lie at IoT... and the pitfalls. They explain them in this 10-page white paper.
Why is cybercrime such a lucrative business? What types of phishing and digital scams are there and how can you, as an organisation, arm yourself against them?
We look at the challenges business leaders face and how much they can benefit from leaving complex issues to experts.
In this white paper, Microsoft discusses the impact of the use of IoT, AI and efficient data flows on your organisation, based on figures.
Do you already know Teams? We will discuss a lot of useful things that will improve the (cooperation) of our teams!
The War for Talent is in full swing. If you're having trouble finding a strong IT profile, temporarily or permanently, we can help you.
In this white paper (10p) we describe the careful process that an organization needs to go through when it comes to a thorough innovation in the way it works.
Awingu offers the solution and in this white paper the company explains how it converts your business applications into an extra secure 'Software as a Service'.
What important IT trends are there for SME's? How best to respond to this? In addition, we show you how you can easily migrate your server applications to the Cloud.
This documentation bundle gives you all the information about Ruckus CloudPath, SmartCast, BeamFlex, SmartZone, Cloud-Wifi and SmartCell Insight.
In 25 minutes we will explain why this extra protection for your mailbox is necessary to guarantee the security of your organization.
Cybercriminals have not been idle. Find out all about the different threats, attacks in Q1, in the latest Threat Report.
Learn why migrating to the cloud can be an important catalyst for your business and discover the potential of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.
Your network, servers and applications are complex, users are unaware of the risks they needlessly take... Only one hack can be enough to cause serious damage to your organization. How do you arm yourself?
This fairly technical webinar digs into the new features that FortiOS has to offer, given by Peter Vanhemelryck - System Engineer at Fortinet.
With the Veeam Availability Suite, backups for servers, virtual machines and storage, as well as Office 365 and Exchange, can be done online in no time at all!
Harness the power of Big Data and use HPE InfoSight to proactively detect disruptions in your infrastructure.
One formula specific to small companies where we ensure safety and continuity by proactively avoiding risks. While you are relieved of your worries.
This (12p) brochure summarizes a few things: the evolution of Fortinet and network security, the Fortinet Security Fabric, FortiOS, the SPU, FortiGuard Threat Intelligence and much more...
In this 11-minute webinar you will learn all about Cloud4Wi, the solution that turns your wifi into an intelligent marketing tool.
What do visitors expect from a visit to your facility today? How can you improve their experience and learn from it at the same time? Find out here!
This white paper on 'Veeam Backup for Office 365' deals with 6 important reasons why making backups within Office 365 is an absolute must.
This all-in-one bundle provides all the information you might need about renewing/securing your print fleet.
Get free insight into the operation of the "User/Entity Behavior Analytics" solution Exabeam.
This ebook briefly reviews all the advantages and possibilities that the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility & Security Suite offers on top of the traditional Office 365 environment.
This 62-page brochure gives you all the information you need about (interactive) projectors for both companies and educational institutions.
Good cooperation is key to a successful team. We discuss methods to help teams achieve even better results. and we'll discuss how teams can successfully realize projects remotely.
What do the suites offer and, above all, how much does it cost? Receive free of charge our 2 high-resolution schedules with price listings for all individual modules and suites.
Did you know that Belgium is one of the most (digitally) attacked countries in the world? This report shows where the weaknesses lie and offers a blueprint in best practices to arm yourself against the ever evolving cyber threats.
In 10 pages, a wealth of numerical data brings out the pain points that a Managed Security Awareness Training could prevent.
The monthly report maps out your environment and reviews all actions taken. In addition, you will receive a Health Check on a regular basis, which also analyses the status of guarantees, licences, updates, loads, backups, etc. This enables us to take preventive actions.
There's no such thing as 'the ready-made recipe' for the mobile workplace. Help your employees to be extra productive and flexible thanks to the right tools.
In 40 minutes we will discuss Azure FileSync, the cloud solution that can replace your fileserver, while maintaining speed!
Find out how to make the most of certain Office 365 apps in six critical areas of your business.
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