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Copilot Studio: Build your own AI!

With Copilot Studio, you can build and train your own AI chatbots in no time, or enrich the knowledge of Copilot for Microsoft 365 with additional data sources you have on hand. Your new AI can support you, your employees or customers with specific questions, guided selling and even perform complex operations.

Integrating Copilot Studio into Teams Build your own AI chatbot or extend Copilot for Microsoft 365 with Copilot Studio

Imagine being able to build your own AI, as versatile and smart as ChatGPT, but extra-trained based on all your documentation material, your website and unique internal/external databases....

With Microsoft Copilot Studio, you have a 'low-code' tool for training and building such own AIs. You can also further enrich your existing Copilot for Microsoft 365 with your own data by creating links.

A bot for every scenario with Copilot Studio

It is important to note that in this AI model, your data will never be used by Microsoft. So you can go as far as you want and even access sensitive data.

Want an HR bot that can help employees with very specific questions about their payslips or evaluation interviews? A technical virtual assistant that has in-depth knowledge of all your organisation's IP? Or rather an AI that guides your clients through interactions, asks the necessary questions and can initiate certain processes? It's all possible.

  • You can add additional accuracy or control layers to your bot yourself;
  • Formulate and self-manage answers for specific types of questions;
  • Create workflows from a set of steps required in a procedure to avoid incompleteness;
  • Your new Copilot can carefully handle sensitive issues (e.g. relating to personal data or legal advice).

In short, you can design customised Copilots for numerous scenarios. This way, you can easily navigate colleagues or customers through complex business processes by partly automating them.

You don't have to limit yourself to one AI either. In Copilot Studio, you will find many examples that you can get started with right away or that can inspire you.

Copilot Studio screenshot

Put Copilot Studio to work with Extensions and 'Chaining'

One of Copilot Studio's most powerful features is 'chaining'. These allow you to chain together multiple commands or actions to perform complex tasks using AI. By using these chains, otherwise difficult or time-consuming processes can be automated and streamlined.

Microsoft Power PlatformCopilot Studio is built on the foundations of (and replaces) Power Virtual Agents & AI Builder. That makes it integrate seamlessly with the Power Platform. Building your own AI with 'Chaining' within Copilot Studio is therefore relatively simple, but given it is 'low code', it will still require some knowledge or support to configure more advanced things. Feel free to compare it to building PowerApps, workflows in Power Automate or dashboards in Power BI.. The possibilities are endless... You can see how it works in our short demo. Given that we already have a lot of experience in this, our developers can certainly help you with this.

Your new Copilot can not only be connected to (existing or new) workflows, dashboards and analyses, but it can also perform actions. Adding Excel files, creating POs, editing SharePoint lists, modifying files... For this, you will have to rely on plugins that are made available. You can also use your Copilot For Microsoft 365 expand by building your own plug-ins and enrich them thanks to more than 1,200 pre-built connectors, including applications such as Salesforce.

Copilot Studio Screenshot Chaining

Enabling Copilot, inside and outside your company walls

It's easy to distribute your new Copilots across multiple channels. It can support your colleagues via Teams or a mobile app, but external visitors can also address them in natural language via your website, social media or channels supported by Azure Bot Service. Of course, a conversation can always be continued with real colleagues.

Microsoft Gold Partner | VanRoey.bePlease note that every Copilot you create with Copilot Studio is considered by Microsoft to be your own new service. As such, you will also be held entirely responsible for the design, data input and output of this Copilot. You will therefore have to provide the necessary disclaimers yourself. Copilot Studio is therefore also not offered by Microsoft for the time being for organisations that want to use AI for medical diagnosis and advice, for example, or to replace emergency call centres.

Copilot Studio price, implementation & licences

Already from €187.20/month your organisation can get started with Copilot Studio. You will then also immediately have comprehensive policies, access management and environment management at your disposal in the administration centre. If desired, via Microsoft Purview, administrators will also get in-depth insights into usage within the tenant, log files, and which new Copilots are being used (little/not used) to respond.

Our experts can help you with all your questions, building your own Copilots and responsibly integrating Copilot for Microsoft 365 and/or Copilot Studio. In addition, you can count on our licensing specialists to obtain the appropriate Copilot licence(s) and advice on this.

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"Building your own AI with 'Chaining' within Copilot Studio is relatively easy, but given it is 'low code', it will still require some knowledge or support to configure more advanced stuff."

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