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Managed Services

Your uptime becomes our responsibility

Managed IT Services is the complete or partial outsourcing of the management of IT infrastructure, to our certified experts.
With one all-inclusive price, we'll keep your environment up and running and safe, thanks to monitoring, patching & proactive interventions.

Security threats (CVEs) are patched immediately
Any malfunctions are resolved
Count on our certified experts
Experience administrative simplicity with a single all-inclusive monthly bill

Who benefits most from 'Managed Services'?

As a growing organization, you want a secure environment with uptime guarantees

Avoid security risks & count care free on your IT environment, with SLA

You wish to put your in-house IT professionals on more strategic parts and deploy your digitalisation strategy .

You could use a hand & lack specific expertise to ensure uptime and security

Or you have no in-house IT department and just want everything -like electricity- to work.

IT is important, but you want to focus on your core business

Which parts do you no longer want to manage?

You can choose individual verticals, but it's best to choose several. That way you'll avoid problems as well as difficult situations. E.g. If printers don't work, is it because of said printers, your network, the print server... or maybe the firewall? Why do Teams call stutter?... We won't get anywhere pointing fingers, and these situations can become a costly waste of time for end users.




Meeting rooms



Security Awareness

End-user support


War on talent

Managing an environment is very complex and a huge responsibility. You should not expect your IT department to have àll the knowledge, detect every hack, nor that they (want to) be stand-by 24/7. Deploy your own scarce IT profiles where they contribute most: to enroll further strategic digitalisation.

How does it work?

1. Intake Analysis

Everything starts with a thorough audit of your IT environment. We also ask specific questions about management. We agree which parts (verticals) you want VanRoey.be to be responsible for. The key word is mutual trust.


First of all, structural issues will be addressed to make the environment stable, secure, deduplicated, properly backed up.... Licences & guarantees are also put on point. Next we'll activate our management and monitoring tools and you'll get to enjoy a Managed ICT environment.

Result: 1 all-in price for complete unburdening

Monitoring, patching & ongoing strategic analysis by our experts keep your environment in shape.

We will also take preventive action as soon as we notice e.g. that a disk contains errors, a server is overloaded, backups fail, etc... In order to prevent failure or downtime.

Monitoring to intervene proactively

Automatic urgent updates

4h SLA during office hours (24/7 option)

Incidents are dealt with by us

Immediately addressing security threats (CVEs)

Policies are continuously optimised

Regular strategic consultations with Service Manager

With Managed Services, your organisation counts on hundreds of additional experts

With Managed Services, the health and uptime of your environment is our common goal. Neither you nor we want to experience downtime. Fewer issues and less tickets creates a calm and focused environment, both within your and our organisation.

Want to know more about Managed IT Services?

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