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Fortino Capital acquires a stake in Van Roey ICT Group to work with the founder and management to accelerate growth.

Turnhout, 30 June 2022
Fortino Capital VanRoey.be announced today that investment company Fortino Capital has taken a stake in the company. In Fortino Capital, the management has found the right party to reinforce its growth ambitions and together further expand VanRoey.be as a leading ICT service provider, with a focus on quality services and customer satisfaction.

VanRoey.be is a leading Managed ICT provider with expertise in applications, cloud infrastructure, storage, networks, and security. It is headquartered in Turnhout and has offices in Geel, Antwerp and Mechelen. From there, the company focuses on the complete care of IT needs, so that customers can work in a reliable, flexible, and secure manner. The growing company VanRoey.be, with its strikingly warm family atmosphere, relies on the knowledge and experience of a close-knit team of 175 employees to achieve this.

“Technology is best when it brings people together” reads the wall in the VanRoey Experience Center. The slogan represents the approach: specialists and clients work together in close consultation to find structured solutions. This formula, based on mutual trust, unburdens more than 550 organisations in the public and private sectors, who can count on the certified specialists of VanRoey.be every day to design, set up, and secure the most challenging architecture for private, public, or hybrid cloud environments.

Certified Great Place To Work | VanRoey.be“A Great Place To Work”. VanRoey.be has recently moved into a new, climate-neutral building in Turnhout called "Kempus". This confirms the strong focus on the wellbeing of the staff, climate, and environment. It also allows the 'Great Place To Work-certified organisation to expand even further in a sustainable manner and provides current and future employees with a pleasant working environment.

Almost 30 years after its foundation, Fortino Capital comes on board as a Partner. Fortino Capital, together with the founder and management, invests in VanRoey.be to further grow and strengthen its market position. For Fortino Capital, this is the first investment of its Growth Private Equity Fund II.

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Patrick Van Roey Pat Van Roey, CEO at VanRoey ICT Group:After years of building our organisation together with my team, it is now time for the next big step. In Fortino, we see the right partner to start the next phase of our growth. In doing so, we will remain loyal to our core values of working in a customer-focused and qualitative manner. I look forward to continuing this growth story together with my talented and motivated team and Fortino Capital, as an ICT knowledge partner for our customers.

Steven De Troyer, Partner at Fortino Capital Steven De Troyer, Partner at Fortino Capital:The ICT market is evolving quickly and is becoming increasingly complex. Moreover, it is becoming more and more difficult for organisations to surround themselves with the necessary knowledge. We are very impressed by the expertise that exists within VanRoey.be and the complete care they offer their customers. We look forward to supporting Pat and his staff in their ongoing growth, both organically and through opportunities to work more closely with other companies.

About Fortino Capital

Fortino Capital Fortino Capital is an investment company with a focus on B2B software and ICT. Our mission is to support ambitious management teams in realising their growth plans. We invest in young companies (venture capital) and established companies (growth capital) where growth is an integral part of the strategy. Fortino has offices in Belgium and the Netherlands, and invests in North-West Europe. Previous investments of Fortino include, among others, Odin Group, TeamLeader, Efficy CRM, SigmaConso, Hospitality Cloud Solutions, Cenosco, MobileXpense, iObeya, etc.


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"In Fortino, we see the right partner to start the next phase of our growth. In doing so, we will remain loyal to our core values of working in a customer-focused and qualitative manner".
- Pat Van Roey"

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