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Build Software welcomes customers more smoothly thanks to Microsoft Teams Telephony

Digitalisation is central within Build Software, so it will come as no surprise that, as a developer of specific construction software, they also want to use the latest technology in terms of communication and customer contact. That is why Build Software chose EuroSys to guide them through the transition from an analogue to a digital, cloud-based, telephone exchange.

"Build Software creates software specifically for the construction industry, and you can take that broadly. We develop for construction companies, property developers, road and infrastructure builders, but our client portfolio also includes finishing companies and engineering firms," says Ines Van Roie, Administrative Assistant at Build Software. "In addition, we also focus on offering various integrations on top of that software, such as accounting packages and planning tools."

"So it should be clear that we are fully committed to all things digital and that we like to grow with the latest digital developments and gadgets. It was soon clear that EuroSys would support us in this. They had already helped us with the management of PCs and servers, but also for the transition from an analogue telephone exchange to the digital variant via MS Teams Telephony, EuroSys proved to be the ideal partner for us. They also knew how to assure us that this switchover could be done quickly since we already had a Microsoft licence."

Rapids by COVID-19

The previous - traditional - telephone network experienced some problems at times, but since COVID-19 the need for change at Build Software has become really clear, Ines Van Roie explains, "The corona crisis was undoubtedly the catalyst for this project. Everyone worked from home, so we quickly switched to Teams internally - a common story at several companies." So internally things ran smoothly, but the same could not be said for customer contact. After face-to-face appointments, we suddenly had to switch to video and phone calls. And that did not always go smoothly.

Build Software soon realised that they needed to be creative to offer their customers the best possible contact. "And then the idea of a transition from analogue phone line to a digital one reared its head again. Moreover, we had three wishes that could easily be implemented via such a digital line: a smooth internal transfer, a welcome message and a permanently reachable line with a smart answering machine," explains Ines Van Roie.

Welcome message and smart answering machine

"These requirements posed no problem for EuroSys, which allowed them to quickly start setting up that digital line. It was a learning curve for both of us but overall the installation went well without any major problems. Of course there were a few teething problems, but they were always solved quickly and correctly thanks to our contact at EuroSys" says Ines Van Roie.

So now customers are welcomed with a message when they call, and if they do so outside office hours, they will hear a message developed specifically for that purpose. "In addition, thanks to MS Teams Telephony, we also have the option to automatically forward a voicemail to someone or a department that is free to help the customer further. This way, we reduce the waiting time for our customers enormously," said Ines Van Roie. Whether it was also well received by the customers themselves? "Very definitely," laughs Ines, "They are very satisfied with how things are going now. Before, our staff could be unavailable which meant they had to wait. That is no longer the case. Now we check internally who is available, so there is always someone ready for our customers."

More flexibility, less cost

Microsoft Gold Partner | VanRoey.be"The fact that we could keep our personal numbers internally within the MS Teams environment was quite reassuring. Moreover, EuroSys also took this completely off our hands and contacted Destiny to ensure that these numbers that were originally with Telenet were ported to our new digital line." Besides the need for digitalisation, this project was actually also a great opportunity for Build Software to no longer be tied to a traditional provider, but still keep the benefits such as the personal number. "In addition, it also brings with it a certain flexibility: you arrange the phone traffic online and you can make calls from your laptop, tablet and smartphone," says Ines Van Roie.

Furthermore, not only was there freedom in terms of medium, but you can go through MS Teams Telephony also easily determine who answers the phone. As Ines explains, "that way, you reduce the customer's waiting time and you can easily transfer them to an employee who is definitely available, which allows us to avoid calls staying on hold with one employee."

Support staff also now have more flexibility: "Support staff are able to communicate among themselves to then have a customer dial in, and that without a Teams meeting having to be set up first. But the benefits certainly don't stop there" assures Ines Van Roie. "For example, another advantage is the financial picture, because it is a lot more interesting to call in via MS Teams Telephony than via an analogue line through a telecoms provider. After all, you call online and those rates are significantly lower. The investment we made for this cannot match the costs we save thanks to a cloud-based (digital) PBX."

About Build Software

Build Software consists of a passionate team that has been developing and implementing specialised software for the construction industry since 1997. They support diverse players, whether they operate in general construction, road building and infrastructure, finishing and installation, project development or as engineering consultants. The Confederation of Construction therefore named Build the best IT product for the sector in 2005.

"They had previously helped us with the management of PCs and servers, but also for the transition from an analogue telephone exchange to the digital variant via MS Teams Telephony, EuroSys proved to be the ideal partner for us."
Ines Van Roie
Administrative assistant
Ines Van Roie

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