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Azure File Sync

Migrate your local fileserver to the Cloud

You want quick and easy access to data stored on local file servers. This is expensive and the annual data growth is huge. You can't keep expanding disk space, not to mention back-up, remote sites... Don't pay too much for this infrastructure; consider Azure File Sync.

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4 Major challenges with a classic on-premise fileserver:

Inactive data

takes up the majority of your storage capacity on your file and backup server.


Usually at least one fileserver is needed per branch, but what if it fails?


Making data available very quickly across multiple locations makes things complex.


Storage for file servers, their backup(s) and maintenance is not cheap.

Azure File Sync offers a solution for the above challenges

It keeps all your organization's files safe in the Microsoft cloud
You can access files from anywhere and can count on uptime & redundancy.
It synchronizes only recent and frequently used files to your local fileserver.
Enjoy maximum local speed with the benefits of the cloud
You only pay for what you use, not what you might need.
End users do not experience any difference, it seems as if they work locally

Is Azure File Sync for you?

You use a traditional on-premises fileserver

The amount of data within your company is growing considerably

You want to centralize your data in a managed cloud

Your fileserver contains a lot of outdated data, which you still need to store

If things go wrong, you want to restore files quickly & easily

Multiple purposes!

Find out more!

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VanRoey.be is Microsoft Gold Partner. So we can't just offer unrivalled and certified expertise but also rock-solid prices. Besides, we are also  Cloud Solution Providerwhich means that you can use our portal can provide or terminate licenses directly, without the intervention of Microsoft.

Microsoft Gold Partner | VanRoey.be
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