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Azure Backup

Ultra-fast online and off-site server backup
Cheap, simple and 100% safe

Disk broken, file accidentally deleted, configuration error… So much can go wrong and you need to act fast to ensure continuity. If a fire or cryptolocker hits your servers, you don't want your backup to be destroyed or locked as well.

 Automatically create copies of your server files to Azure
 Recover data instantly on your servers without technical knowledge
 Encrypted and inexpensive, thanks to deduplication & compression

Fast recovery

Using software, you can restore data, folders or an individual file... in no time at all.


The backup is very cheap, from a few eurocents per gigabyte you secure your data in the Microsoft Cloud.

GDPR compliant

Azure Backup is equipped with countless security measures to protect your data, in full compliance with the strict European GDPR legislation.


The service is easy to use. Without technical knowledge or external help you can configure the backup and restore files.

Configure yourself

Choose how many times you want to backup; daily or weekly, and how far in the past you want to be able to recover files. (RPO Recovery Point Objective)


The data is continuously backed up at an external location, so even in the event of fire, theft, flooding, etc., no data is lost.

Safe online

No dragging around and security risks with tapes. Everything happens online in Azure, one of the world's safest cloud environments.

Few data

Once uploaded, your data is significantly compressed and deduplicated, so you use much less data.

low data traffic

First, a full backup takes place. From then on, only the modified parts of a file are uploaded

How does it work?

We install our client on your servers, the rest happens automatically!

Your data is backed up and encrypted via Azure Backup and then deduplicated and compressed, saving you a lot of space and computing power. The first time you back up, all the data is sent.

Thanks to a smart analysis, during subsequent backups only new and changed particles in files (blocks) are sent to the Microsoft Cloud, which drastically reduces your data consumption.

Cloudsave Backup with deduplication & compression

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Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

VanRoey.be is Microsoft Gold Partner. So we can't just offer unrivalled and certified expertise but also rock-solid prices. Besides, we are also  Cloud Solution Providerwhich means that you can use our portal can provide or terminate licenses directly, without the intervention of Microsoft.

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