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Vanreusel Snacks simplifies backups to the Cloud

The Belgian snack company simplifies Cloud backups with Azure Backup with quick and easy recovery.

Paul-Emmanuel Vanreusel, CEO Vanreusel Snacks explains: "Since VanRoey.be has been our trusted ICT partner for many years, the company knows our IT infrastructure inside out. As trusted advisor for all our ICT issues, they support the growth of Vanreusel Snacks with their knowledge and experience.

At the beginning of 2013, we made the necessary investment in a central server for our branch in Hungary. We also needed a full proposal to back up all this data from Hungary. We ourselves were absolutely not in favour of tape backup and VanRoey.be came up with the idea of using their backup solution, Azure BackupWe were given a fully-fledged backup application in which the data is stored securely in a data centre.

The installation was set up in test and evaluated after a month. Soon we were convinced of this choice: It is a fully-fledged replacement of a classic backup to tape, so that we are finally relieved of the need to manually change tapes.

Backup and recovery in just a few clicks from any location

A nice bonus is that our data is backed up encrypted, deduplicated and compressed in Azure. The latter also ensures that our monthly costs remain under control.

The most important thing is that we buy a piece of peace of mind. We no longer have to worry about changing tapes and saving them correctly... Azure Cloud Backup does all this automatically for us. For us, it is also proof that VanRoey.be, as a cloud provider, has gone down the right path.

Thanks to a close cooperation with the Account Manager and Project Manager, communication and set-up went very smoothly. The project implementation plan included a step-by-step plan for both the installation of the server in Hungary and the set-up of the back-up.

About Vanreusel Snacks

Vanreusel Snacks is a Belgian family business, founded by Paul Vanreusel in 1953. The company originated in the preparation of traditional charcuterie and has slowly switched to frozen snacks. The product range was therefore expanded with the current "classics" such as cervelas, meatballs, hamburgers and meatballs. In the meantime, the company has grown into a market leader as a snack manufacturer.

“It's a complete replacement of a classic backup to tape which finally frees us from the need to manually change tapes”
Paul-Emmanuel Vanreusel
CEO Vanreusel Snacks
Paul-Emmanuel Vanreusel, CEO Vanreusel Snacks

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