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Unified Communications

Working together has never been easier

In a world where physical and digital collaboration and/or meetings are becoming more and more important, a uniform, reliable and user-friendly system integral

Use one uniform platform where all communication takes place
(Video) telephony of excellent quality
Meeting tools to easily present or collect information
Your communication tools backed by a flawless, secure network

Unified Communications

rests on these four pillars

Teams: The Ultimate Collaboration Platform

Microsoft Teams is the new standard for organizations. On the one hand it is an excellent communication app, on the other hand it allows you to work in a perfectly structured and centralized group, share your screen and much more. 

Microsoft Gold Partner | VanRoey.be

The extensive chat and (video) telephony functionalities have become indispensable. Moreover, thanks to our close collaboration with Telenet, you can also use them to make cheap calls to landlines or mobile numbers. You can also effortlessly organise webinars or large-scale seminars. live events.

Yealink Office Devices | VanRoey.be

2. The right equipment

A perfect set-up for every (home) work situation

The built-in micro, webcam and speakers of laptops are not always of the best quality. To let your staff communicate properly you can invest in SIP, VoIP phones, qualitative headsets... wireless or not. This way you can have clear conversations without background noise, crackling or cheap sound. Yealink's VoIP phone sets even contain an integrated Teams-client so a PC is not even necessary!

A good webcam can also make a difference. No more staring at an under- or over-exposed colleague's image. 

Intelligent audiovisual highlights in conference rooms

Bring people & information together effortlessly, regardless of the form of communication. To make meetings even more efficient, you can:

  • enable videoconferencing devices or telephones.
  • Use available rooms optimally by using room-booking systems and/or presence sensors that automatically signal the status of a meeting room
  • Professional camera and sound equipment to give speakers an optimal picture and to conduct clear conversations
  • One click to share your screen with everyone

With our interactive screens from CTOUCH you can easily present and annotate your screen. They have built-in Teams integration, room-booking software and can also be used without a PC as interactive whiteboards.

Ruckus ICX 7850

4. A high-performance & secure network

Not a word late, not a word on the street

Clear communication requires a fast and stable (wireless) network that gives priority to (video) calls. But digital communication also opens less desirable doors... That's why you need to be able to trust the securing your network traffic.

Ruckus Partner EliteEvery laptop, smartphone, tablet, VoIP phone... through which you communicate becomes a risk factor that needs to be adequately managed and secured.

Therefore perform a thorough network and WiFi analysis and secure your SD-wanit's just one of the many interventions that belong in a broad security strategy to keep your communications indoors.

Wireless Networking Illustration | VanRoey.be

Get your digitisation up to speed. In an interactive tour, we show the contemporary possibilities of the modern workplace. So you can experience for yourself how well it works!

VanRoey.be makes sure that your environment -from a to z- meets the highest standards

Microsoft Gold Partner

Teams expert at heart, we know how an Office 365 environment works

Microsoft Gold Partner | VanRoey.be

CTOUCH Partner for Years

Benefit from our knowledge from hundreds of installations, in various sectors

Telenet Business Expert Partner

You communicate through the fastest internet line and advantageous call rates

Telenet Business Expert Partner | VanRoey.be

Specialist in high-end security

You can be sure that everything that is shared and discussed stays within your home.

Fortinet Expert Partner | VanRoey.be


For guidance on the right appliances in any space or situation

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Specialist in networking & Wifi

Always fast and reliable connection, also over multiple locations

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Full support
Rapid assistance in the event of a malfunction

Are you experiencing interference? Then identifying the exact cause can be challenging; The (wireless) network? The phone? The headset? The cloud service?... When the need is greatest, the finger is quickly pointed, and that won't get you anywhere.

Our experts take care of the entire chain and will prevent and effectively remedy any malfunctions. Thanks to certified knowledge, close contact and robust partnerships with the brands used.

- No projection distance required - Better contrast and higher resolution - Better and direct interactivity/touch support - No cast shadow or glare for the presenter - No lamp wear - No noise production (Please note, models with built-in PC are cooled)
We have been working together for years to market the CTOUCH brand. We were the very first in Belgium thanks to the project we sold at Sint-Clara. Today, we are the largest partner in Belgium. As a result, we have already built up a great deal of knowledge and can always go to their head office in Eindhoven. Here we can view the complete line-up together with you as well as the various mounting options (wall furniture or mobile). CTOUCH is the type of organization where everyone is approachable. This makes the 3 founders very accessible. Just like VanRoey.be, CTOUCH also strives for continuous innovation, where they analyse the market well and focus on new things with a future. (Integration of JBL speakers, Barco clickshare technology, integration with skype and in the future Microsoft Teams ...). Our similar DNA enables us to install state-of-the art screens for our customers at competitive prices with seamless support.
For the next 3 models of CTOUCH you do not need an Office 365 license: - Laser Sky - Laser Nova - Leddura 2Share Only for CTOUCH 2Measurement you need an extra Office 365 license: Skype for business plan 2
The lease formula is provided for 36 months.

Do you have questions or would you like to test these devices?

Our experts are ready for you. Ask your questions or test the demo setups in our Experience Center. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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