Florida, 10 April 2019

Fortinet Platinum partner | VanRoey.be

Yesterday evening Belgian IT company VanRoey.be won the EMEA Growth Partner Of The Year award at the Fortinet ‘Accelerate 2019’ conference in Walt Disney World.

Fortinet is a world wide provider of network security solutions for businesses and has become market leader in Unified Threat Management. In the BeLux they are the highest selling cyber security brand, in part thanks to the effort of VanRoey.be with branches in Mechelen, Antwerp, Turnhout and Geel.

For years VanRoey.be has been focusing on the complexities in the world of cyber security. Today they are the highest certified Fortinet partner in the BeLux. VanRoey.be owner Pat Van Roey and Technical Business Manager Networking & Security Roel Van Looy travelled to Florida to attend the conference and accept the award.

Pat Van Roey is proud of the achievement and his employees: “We are honoured. Through continuous training and schooling we make sure our consultants and security engineers stay at the top of their game, this is why we achieved the maximum Fortinet Network Security Expert 8 (NSE8) certificate. Our incredible growth of the past few years and the thousands of setups for Belgian companies and government agencies was noticed by Fortinet.

Our focus on security these past few years was a hit. The World Economic Forum considers cyber security to be at the heart of the 4th industrial revolution, which we are going through today. This fusion of the digital with the physical and even the biological in a hyperconnected world opens up possibilities but also comes with great risk. Because of this we are confident we are on the right track.”

Fortinet had the following comment about this award: “VanRoey.be has demonstrated immense growth over the past year based on commitments to secure their customers’ networks using Fortinet tools. Many organizations seek to increase network security during digital transformation. VanRoey.be has leveraged this requirement to increase their product and services offerings to meet customer demands while growing their business.”