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Real-time insight into your organization through data visualization

Power BI is a Business Intelligence solution that collects all business data and transforms it into ready-to-use interactive graphs and tables.

 Share clear dashboards with colleagues on all devices
 Data from the cloud or on-premise… Everything is bundled
 Collaborate on interactive reports in real time
 Rights management enables you to integrate sensitive data without any worries

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The days of working on reports are over!

Building graphs and creating reports in Excel is possible, but it is time consuming, complex and the data is usually not real time. It becomes even more difficult when the management asks during the meeting to zoom in further on data or wants a different view.

Power BI changes this, giving you real-time graphs with data from across your business in an instant. Click on segments or values in graphs to zoom in on them from the app or your browser.

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All operational management in one dashboard

Create your own dashboards and at a glance you can see in real time all the trends, all the figures that are important to you.

Impressive interactive reports

Analyze & visualize data exactly as you intended. Share the reports with colleagues using a web-url.

Consistent analysis in your organisation

With e.g. SQL Server and Azure services, you build reports on reliable, real-time data that evolves along with the organisation.

Easy to integrate

Show beautiful interactive reports in your site, app, SharePoint... You can embed your Power BI dashboards just like a Youtube video.

For analysts

Quickly move from insight to action, connect to hundreds of sources and prepare data in no time at all to quickly create rich reports.

For IT professionals

Simplify your management and make your data and insights easily available to all your colleagues; always with the right shielding of specific data.

For Developers

Bring your apps to life with data. Easily embed interactive data visualizations and deliver concrete results-driven reporting on any device.

Getting started with Power-BI for free

Need help from our experts?

It can be overwhelming to get started with Power-BI. We can help with our experience:

  • Connecting to different databases
  • to bring forward the correct data
  • Integration with SharePoint portals
  • Integration with Dynamics 365
  • Licenses

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