Charity Quiz

Are you making Friday the 13th your lucky day?

After a successful first edition, is organizing a charity quiz again this year. We don't support one this year, but 3 charities: CoderDojo Belgium, vzw Kadee and Scholengroep VIBO.

Don't expect questions about the latest HP EliteBook or functionalities within Microsoft Office. The questions are diverse and accessible to everyoneSo all are welcome!


Quiz Teams up to 5 persons;
Space for 40 teams;
Miscellaneous & accessible quiz questions;
Fun and ambiance are central.


3 charities

Each participating quiz team chooses at registration the charity they wish to support. All income of the evening are distributed in this way pro rata.

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CoderDojo logo |
This global non-profit movement organises free workshops for boys and girls aged 7 to 18. In a few years time, the organization counts 90 different Dojo's spread all over the country. In a playful way, young people learn to program in a club context, create websites, develop apps and games. Thanks to the efforts of volunteers and the support of partners, some 2,000 young people a month can develop their digital skills in a playful way.
VZW Kadee logo |
Children in poverty or a socially vulnerable situation are often excluded because camps are too expensive or because they are refused because of a behavioural problem or disability. Specifically for these children vzw Kadee organizes holiday camps. These camps have on average more animators and every volunteer has experience with the target group. In this way all children get the attention and care they deserve. Only thanks to subsidies from Tourism Flanders, sponsors and volunteers will the camps remain affordable.
VIBO Logo |
The Vrij Instituut voor Buitengewoon Onderwijs (VIBO) has 650 pupils and is currently spread over several locations in the vicinity of Turnhout. 131 (second-hand) container classes are inadequate and cause high energy costs. They hope to be able to start 2 new constructions on their campus De Brem in Oud-Turnhout next autumn. The costs for this are estimated at approximately 10 million euros. In order to finance the non-subsidised part, the school is looking for partners and companies that want to lend a helping hand.
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Quiz package

Per team of max. 5 participants
  • 5 Beverage vouchers


Quiz package

Per team of max. 5 participants
  • Snacks
  • 20 Beverage vouchers
  • 2 Pass questions


Quiz package

Per team of max. 5 participants
  • Snacks
  • 30 Beverage vouchers
  • 2 Pass questions
  • Luxury snacks
  • Own Garçon
  • 1 Bottle of Cava
  • Logo entry


our partners


19u00 Reception
19u15 Welcoming & presenting charities
by Pat Van Roey, General Manager at
19u30 First round of quizzes
21u00 Pause
21u30 Second round of quizzes
23u30 Presentation of cheques & drinks


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