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Outlook client - CVSS 9.8 pre-auth RCE bug

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Thanks to a just-discovered vulnerability, cybercriminals can invade your system just by sending a malicious email.

Outlook client - CVSS 9.8 pre-auth RCE bug

Due to a vulnerability in Microsoft Outlook, we ask everyone to close the Outlook client and temporarily work through https://outlook.office.com/mail/

Thanks to a newly discovered vulnerability, cybercriminals can already penetrate your system by simply sending a malicious mail. As soon as this mail is processed by the Outlook client, it is already activated. So you don't even have to open this mail.

Updating as soon as possible is recommended.

We would just like to mention that you can alternatively update Office 365 in Word. You can see how to do this in the picture below or in this guide.

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