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Online Security Scan

What vulnerabilities does a hacker currently see about your company?

Do the free online scan and get the free report with your company's most dangerous leaks.

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How does the Online Security Scan work?

Fill in your details

We will then put our security tool to work immediately.

Get the report in your mail

Within a few working days, you will receive a detailed report from us with our findings.

Data is never shared

Of course, your data is safe with us, and we will never share it!

The scan is completely safe

we only scan the domain name, and investigate which vulnerabilities are already visible on the surface (also read below this page why this step is crucial for hackers).

Completely non-binding, no resources required

This scan takes no resources or time, just filling in the fields above. Also, no resources will be requested from the corporate servers.

Do you know how a hacker operates?

A hacker's first step: this starts with "fingerprinting": collecting information about your company. This information is retrieved, for example, from (hidden) databases floating around the internet.

Vulnerabilities are immediately visible: Did you know that this way of gathering information allows hackers to find out several vulnerabilities right away?

Easy target? Based on these vulnerabilities, it estimates whether your company is an easy "target".

Domain name gives a lot away: Based on the domain name (website address), very many vulnerabilities can already be discovered.

Various vulnerabilities: Think of "openings" on your server where hackers can easily get in, or hacked e-mail accounts within your company.

Prevention is better than cure! Do our free online security scan and we will send a comprehensive report containing the vulnerabilities about your company that a hacker would also discover in the first phase!

Or... do you want to play it safe and do an extremely thorough scan of your entire environment?
Then our IT Security Audit for you!

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