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Ransomware and Cryptolockers tackled

We are increasingly confronted with ransomware and cryptolockers in the news. New cryptolockers are regularly discovered that force companies to do business with criminals or to say goodbye to their valuable files.

Ransomware and cryptolockers are no longer unknown to the general public, but it rains reports of cyber attacks in the news. However, you can prevent an attack by malware such as the LockerGoga-virus, Anatova, Doublelocker, Petya, WannaCry, SamSam... with an ecosystem that protects you. By combining Office 365 with a few security solutions such as Fortinet, Symantec End Point Protection or Microsoft EMS, you can prevent damage.

What is ransomware and how does it work?

Ransomware is a form of malware that often encrypts your files so that you can no longer access them. It spreads like most other viruses: via e-mails and corrupt downloads. Once inside, the ransomware works its way through your files, encrypting them, and once the ransomware has done its job, you get the message that your device has been blocked and that it will not be released again until after payment.

It can occur in a number of different forms, namely:

  • A ransomware that locks your entire system;
  • A ransomware that encrypts your files;
  • A ransomware that combines both forms.

Cryptolockers also often come in via emails - which you treat because it looks harmless - or websites that do not arouse suspicion. This is usually stopped by your antivirus, but today's complex malware can sometimes upset this first layer of security, because viruses and malware are increasingly self-learning and adaptive. The malware manages to disguise itself as a harmless file.

Some recent ransomwares that required a payment based on cryptomunten, also called cryptolockers, were Anatova, WannaCry, DoubleLocker and Petya. Recently, another cryptolocker was discovered in the Netherlands, named SamSam, which struck at a number of companies and forces them to redeem themselves via bitcoins. Attention: SamSam differs from the cryptolockers mentioned above, it works in a much more nuanced way. This cryptolocker explores the entire system slowly at first and then goes on.

How can you prevent it?

If you want to prevent ransomware, it is important to have a good cybersecurity strategy Combat viruses and other malware from different angles in order to enjoy maximum protection. The attacks are becoming increasingly complex, requiring a multi-layered cyber security strategy, with different solutions, that prevents malware from hitting you. As a coach, we would like to introduce our main solutions, which you can use strategically. If you want to know more about how to protect yourself against dangerous malware, download our whitepaper below with detailed advice on the security solutions you need and why. Find out how well your company scores in the field of IT security.

“Once a backup is found, SamSam deletes or corrupts the backups, making it very difficult to restore the system.”

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