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Breakout rooms, Picture-in-picture and new together mode for Microsoft Teams

Meanwhile, we're all familiar with Microsoft Teams. Online meetings have become the most normal thing in the world. Corona or no corona, Teams is a great solution to work together efficiently.

However, online meetings do not yet bring the same interaction. A spontaneous reaction, a frowned eyebrow, a hand gesture, ... Subtleties that can teach useful information, but fade away in the virtual world. Microsoft has done its homework and has developed some new features that Teams more interactive makes.

Layout features for a more realistic experience

The screenshots of faces, each in its own box, are eagerly shared on social media. Expect a new trend: everyone together in one auditorium, at one table or even at the same bar. With this new Together mode You determine the theme yourself in order to create a certain setting, which makes participants feel more involved.

Another layout feature that enhances the experience is the ability to use the speaker in the foreground of a presentation screen (picture-in-picture). This way the speaker can get the message across better. For example, by demonstrating non-verbal communication or certain things. If, for example, you give a sales presentation about a new product, it is an extra asset to show that product physically.

Teams picture-in-picture during presentation | VanRoey.be

Engage participants via breakout rooms

Breakout rooms are another interesting feature. Thus splice your one meeting on in smaller groupsin order to get more interaction. Useful for brainstorming sessions, for example. As a presenter you can visit the different breakout rooms or you can choose to bring groups back together or rearrange them. Convenient to actively involve everyone in the meeting.

Our colleague shows you in this video how it works:

Do you have any questions about collaboration or efficient meetings with Teams? Ask your question below and I or my colleagues will be happy to answer it.

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"Microsoft did its homework, after an initial boost from online meetings, and comes up with some new features that make Teams even more accessible."

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