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HP Workstations let Pythagoras design mobile CAD

In her search for high-performance workstations, Pythagoras approached VanRoey.be and HP.
Pythagoras Logo | VanRoey.be

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About Pythagoras

Pythagoras is a Turnhout-based company whose main activity is the development and sale of computer-aided designs and geographic information systems for surveyors, engineering offices, construction and utility companies and the public sector. Pythagoras is a global player with more than twenty distributors across the five continents.

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“The performance of mobile workstations is crucial. Our customers often deliver large files that need to be read directly. Thanks to the mobility and performance of HP, this is possible. File loading is very fast, which also makes Pythagoras appear to be well done.”
Jan Van Looy
CEO & Sales Manager Pythagoras
Jan Van Looy

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