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VanRoey.be employees take the bike en masse

As part of the international Bike To Work Day, worldwide initiatives were taken today to replace the car with the bicycle for one day. At VanRoey.be, for example, we have been promoting the bicycle as a sustainable alternative to the car for some time now, thanks in part to the support of the Flemish Pendulum Fund, a great success.

VanRoey.be has been known for its sporty character for a long time. We have been a partner of KempenFietst for years and recently a team of colleagues participated in the Antwerp 10 Miles and the Team Challenge of Move(d) To Help. Despite the fact that sport and movement are interwoven in our DNA, until recently almost everyone took the car to work. Pat Van Roey, General Manager at VanRoey.be, thought time for a change:

Patrick Van Roey A few years ago, we noticed that 87% of our people came to work by car every day, while most of them live within cycling distance of our offices. Bringing the kids away, making appointments with customers or having limited company infrastructure were the main reasons.

Partly thanks to the support of the Vlaamse Pendelfonds (Flemish Pendulum Fund), numerous actions have been taken over the past 2.5 years to stimulate commuting by bicycle, such as the purchase of a new bicycle by employees at an advantageous price, the provision of new showers and lockers, and the possibility of leaving bicycles in a guarded bicycle shed with peace of mind. For colleagues who are still travelling by car and have to make a short trip during the day, there are company bicycles.

On a regular basis, like today's Bike To Work Day, cyclists are pampered even more, so all cycling colleagues enjoyed a nice breakfast on arrival today.

Inne Loos, Talent Manager at VanRoey.be is evaluating:

At this official start of the Pendelfonds project, I am very pleased to be able to announce that 65% of the staff are currently cycling on a regular basis for commuting to and from work. However, I think we can talk about a considerable improvement compared to 2017. Not only good for the environment, but also for the health of our employees..

“On a regular basis, like today's Bike To Work Day, cyclists are pampered even more.”

Written by:

Tom Hufkens
Marketing Manager at VanRoey

A familiar face at VanRoey for 15 years. Literally and figuratively: because of his role as Marketing Manager, he is regularly at the centre of our communication. He regularly shares his experiences of new marketing methods during workshops & events.

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