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Buy Gray Market Products: The Five Key Risks’s

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Buying goods in the ‘grey market’ can involve significant risks, both for you as a customer and for us as a distributor of branded products such as HP. Therefore, do not consider grey market goods to be potentially 'cheaper'. There are five key risks that confirm the saying: 'cheap is expensive'.

1. Disguised sales of counterfeit goods

This can lead to serious compatibility problems, poor performance or costly downtime.

2. Invalid warranty claims

This means that purchased goods from unauthorised sources are not covered by the official supplier's warranty. Fortunately, invalid warranty claims can easily be identified by means of the serial number. The same applies to our warranty service: invalid warranty is automatically detected and rejected.

3. Criminal trafficking

Often, grey trade can be linked to other fraudulent practices such as: trade in stolen goods, sale of used products as new and fraudulent tax constructions. These illegal actions can entail considerable risks that you should not get involved in. In addition, software on uncontrolled devices can be compromised with malware or keyloggers.

4. Invalid software licenses

The software licenses of grey market products may be invalid. In this situation, as an illegal software user, you can expect legal action when the BSA (Business Software Alliance) investigates your company.

5. The grey market is illegal in several countries

Legislation varies from country to country, but despite these differences, grey marketing remains illegal, particularly in the European Economic Area (EEA). In these countries, IP legislation can be imposed to prevent the import, sale and/or advertising of grey market products.

HP Partner First Platinum logoConclusion: products from the grey market can have various side-effects for you as a customer, but also for us as a distributor, for example of HP products. We experience reputational damage when we are unable to help you further due to inadequate guarantees or licenses on your hardware, but also sales opportunities and margins are affected by unfair competition, which is why VanRoey.be and HP are taking action against grey marketing to protect both resellers and potential buyers.

We can only advise you to buy HP products via legal, reliable sources like HP distributors and/or HP channel partnersIn this way you avoid responding to good-to-full-good offers with potentially harmful consequences.

If you think you've seen or bought an HP 'grey market' product somewhere, please contact our experts.

“ Grey market products – also called grey imports or parallel imports – are branded products that have deviated from traditional, authorised distribution channels or that have been imported into another country/region without permission.”

Written by:

Cindy Zuidwijk
Marketing Assistant

Joined VanRoey.be as Marketing Assistant in 2016, with a focus on SEA, Social Media and Event Management.

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