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Sensolus GPS Tracking

Track your valuable material & gain insight into complex logistic flows

Do you use, transport or rent valuable items such as containers, trailers, cranes or forklifts...? Make them smart and track their usage & location with the low-cost plug & play trackers from Sensolus

Where and for how long where are valuable assets or parts located?
Are they optimally used/used
Alerts as soon as movement and/or usage detected become
Monitor all assets in one handy platform and identify bottlenecks
The trackers work 5 to 7 years on one battery charge(!)


Ready to use in less than 1 day!

Sensolus GPS tracker module
Sensolus GeoBeacon


Easy to install gps tracker
- Fully autonomous
- As retrofit or built-in tracker
- Battery life 5 to 7 years
- GPS (outdoor) Wifi & Bluetooth (indoor)


Energy-efficient communication
- Public communication network
- Highly energy efficient
- No additional infrastructure required

Measure & Analyse

Business tool & API integration
- Insight in logistic flows
- Define KPIs for Commissioning
- Set alerts to detect anomalies

The Sensolus Platform

uncovers pain points and optimizes logistical processes

Reduce the production time of unfinished items and identify bottlenecks

Follow up on the (in)correct use of your goods by staff, customers or transporters

Thanks to new insights, you can optimize the use of valuable assets.

The data from the platform flows through to your existing software environment using REST API.

With alerts you automate the inspection and can intervene immediately where necessary.

Starter Kit

If you want to track hundreds, if not thousands, of assets we can understand that you want to try Sensolus first. That's why you can get started right away with us 

Sensolus GPS tracker module
Sensolus GPS tracker module
Sensolus GPS tracker module
Sensolus GeoBeacon
Sensolus GeoBeacon

You get 5 Trackers

3 large 1020 Sensolus trackers & 2 compact 1010 Sensolus trackers. We configure these for you within the Sensolus platform. You just need to attach them.

4h Training & Coaching

4 hours of personal support during start-up and onboarding, data capture tracking data, tips & tricks...

1 year access for Sensolus & SIgfox platform (5 users)


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Frequently asked questions

The location or status of trackers is only communicated when the built-in sensor(s) register a major change. Think of motion detection, a temperature level, a certain gradient (detection tilt)... At start and at stop. So in the case of a container, you don't see the entire journey of the truck, only where it left and eventually stopped.

Yes. Since GPS is not available everywhere you can also define geozones based on placed Bluetooth beacons and/or specific Wifi addresses. Ideal if equipment is regularly moved from room A to B indoors and you want to know where your asset is.

Yes. Via REST API (Representational State Transfer Application Program Interface) the data can flow effortlessly to your own software.

Yes. The platform allows you to choose the conditions under which a tracker should be read out. Of course, the frequency of readings will have an impact on battery life.

Yes. Each tracker is a gateway for more sensors. For example:

  • Temperature
  • Movement
  • Is a door open or closed...
  • Inclination (e.g. to record tilt movement)
  • ...

Yes, but... Given the trackers are quite visible (to receive good GPS signal + solid battery) this technique will not necessarily stop a professional thieves gang.

We consider anti-theft more as a possible extra. Our trackers are designed to find lost items.

If you set up alerts that go off on motion detection outside of business hours, you can certainly get useful information.

Yes, these 5 trackers become your property.

Michiel Raat, Business Development at Sensolus, explains the solution. This way you will discover how easy and useful it is to deploy GPS tracking in your organization!

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