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Security Awareness

Prevent Phishing Attacks & Risk Behavior of Colleagues

Belgian companies pay up to €100 million (!) in ransom to hackers. In 9 out of 10 companies, phishing is the result of human inattention. Time to make your staff aware of this!

With the platform of KnowBe4 or Phished:

Have clear cybersecurity training in multiple languages and pathways
Send phishing emails yourself, see who gets caught, so the problem can be addressed immediately
Discover your risk profile as a company, per department or user
You make your organization resilient to phishing, cryptolockers, data loss...

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How can you prevent phishing?
With Security Awareness

You invest in firewalls, antivirus and advanced security infrastructure...but often become people forget in the protection model. Yet 40% of your employees tend to click on phishing emails!

After barely 3 months use of a security awareness platform such as KnowBe4 or Phished this quantity decreases by 50%. After one year you are already up to -90 to 95%! This is how you prevent errors that could lead to serious hacks or data loss.


The world's largest player in the field of Security Awareness and absolute market leader (Gartner, The Forrester Wave), ideal for large players

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Belgian player that distinguishes itself by simplicity, smart algorithms & local storage (GDPR). Phished has ISO 27001 certification and is SOC2 compliant.

1. Awareness Assessment & Risk Profile

One baseline measurement by means of an internal survey shows the risk score within the organisation, per department and per individual.

Now you know who to train on whatand stronger profiles are not burdened with unnecessary training.

2. Testing and training colleagues

KnowBe4 offers over 1,500 training courses amidst different languages; from Hollywood productions to bite-sized animations. Follow closely who has already followed which routes and put them to the test by phishing tests carry out false phishing attacks:

Managed system, simple admin portal

As an administrator you get a comprehensive portal with numerous configuration options, rich insights into training progress and evolving risk scores.

The extensive reporting tools make the platform ideally suited to ISO standards to pay. In addition, you can also Upload your own videos or training sessionsPour it into a campaign, assign scores to it and provide reporting! 

What is the ROI of the KnowBe4 platform?

A study From Forrester shows that:

  • You ROI on a three-year deal is 276%
  • You payback time lies on three months!
  • The number of clickers on phishing emails decreases from 19.2% to 2.8%.

More info, a conversation or free trial account?

vat no.*

During this extensive demo session (42 min) we will show you the platform. We will go through the training videos, the phishing templates, the reporting and much more!

How does Phishing work?

1. An attacker poses as someone known and misleads you by e-mail, phone or SMS. The intention is that you answer his question or open his forged link.

2. When you visit the forged website, either malware is downloaded automatically or an attempt is made to extract sensitive log-in data.

When you go into phishing, a hacker takes over your system or account in less than 2 minutes on average.

What types of phishing are there?

Credential harvesting
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By means of impersonation an e-mail tries to impersonate a well-known brand or service in order to retrieve your log-in data.

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Victims are made to think that, for example, sexually tinged webcam images of him or her have been recorded or that you know your secrets such as 'adultery' or fraud. In exchange for payment(s), they do not publish it.

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Infected attachments are usually quickly filtered out. In this case you will be offered an infected download link. The file may look perfectly normal, even if it has been opened, but in the meantime you are infected.

Spear Phishing
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These mails (or telephones) seem to come from important colleagues, partners or customers, aimed at decision-makers or bookkeepers hoping to execute a payment order.

10 tips to prevent phishing

You want to avoid cryptolockers, malware and data theft. Protecting both network and devices is a start and an absolute must, but there are many pitfalls that end users need to recognize and avoid, because one click can render the entire organization technically unemployed and might put sensitive data in jeopardy.

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