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Avigilon Alta IP POE Security Cameras Avigilon Alta is a leading supplier of high-definition security cameras and video surveillance systems. Their Power over Ethernet (PoE) cameras are known for their high image quality, durability and easy installation, receiving both power and data through a single Ethernet cable. This makes them particularly suitable for companies looking for reliable and easy-to-install security solutions.

What sets Avigilon Alta apart is their cloud platform with built-in artificial intelligence (AI). This platform uses advanced AI technologies to analyse and interpret video footage, making it possible to automatically detect suspicious activity and generate alerts. This increases the efficiency of security operations and enables companies to proactively respond to potential security incidents, making Avigilon Alta a strong choice for companies looking for advanced security solutions.

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The Netflix of camera surveillance. All the benefits and convenience of a contemporary cloud-native CCTV system.
In this comprehensive demo, we show many features offered by Avigilon Alta's smart cloud-based cctv solution.

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