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SentinelOne is a US cybersecurity company that bets very heavily on a.i.-powered XDR for endpoint and server security. They also offer Identity Protection to very accurately protect your Active Directory setup, among other things.

You XDR solution from SentinelOne, powered by advanced AI technologies, provides superior threat detection, including advanced and emerging forms of malware and cyber-attacks. The fully automated system can not only detect threats, but also react quickly and effectively to neutralise them, reducing the need for human intervention and speeding up response time to threats.

In addition, SentinelOne offers seamless integration with both PCs and servers, ensuring consistent and effective security regardless of the type of device used. The company's strong reputation in the industry and the trust it has won from many large organisations worldwide attest to the effectiveness of their solutions and their ability to meet the high demands of modern cybersecurity.

Read here Why you find SentinelOne as a leader in the Gartner quadrant.

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What is XDR? What does XDR do and how does it counter new malware or cryptolockers so well? You'll find out here!

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